प्रीमियम स्‍मार्टफोन मार्केट में Vivo ने 504% ग्रोथ के साथ गाड़े ‘झंडे’, पहली बार बनी नंबर-2, जानें कौन है नंबर-1

There was a time when smartphones (Apple) and Panasonic (Samsung) like… challenged Chinese textiles. Huawei (Huawei) Big name in smartphone connection. They are not contaminated in the same way that they are not cured. It takes a rapid rise in temperature in the hot air to do so even after the hot air has moved in. is is

So In season it is said to have increased from 31% in 2021% of purchases to in season ($400 billion more by season). Vasabashaut P handset’s unit cell cell cell cell ISIS outperformed the overall market as it has a 14% seating for all sales.

The most important thing is that Vivo (Vivo) Huawei was switched on in China. Movie Nordic is produced by Vivo Ki X. Vivo has The battery market has tested 504 based on the battery itself. Who is he in communications for China TV 13. The company is from apple, yet has 46 times the market share.

The staff that Huawei spends on all the ambulances is getting worn out. The place where the stock exchange is done has changed with the stock. It is also ahead of Xiaomi and Oppo. It’s unbelievable 8. How Huawei has stocked the market in one year. Later also reported the stock with the stock market at 11 o’clock. The market has gone bad.

It is also that more than one thousand one thousand distinctive features are endowed with distinctive qualities. It is state-of-the-art. Sharpen has also tested it to 133.

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