Jim Jordan says Hunter Biden probe will focus on 2020

Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said a significant portion of the House of Representatives’ Hunter Biden investigation will focus on the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

Jordan, ranking GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee and his aide in the Republican leadership has promised a comprehensive investigation Should he retake the House in the 2022 mid-term election?

“I think that is one of the key elements that happened in the fall of 2020, a few weeks before the election in 2020,” Jordan told to Breitbart,

“We had 51 prior intelligence” Officials tell us it was Russian propaganda. We sat the FBI with Facebook and said, ‘Hey, be careful, don’t blink. We think that is Russian propaganda,” he continued. did.”

“I want to know what those 51 intelligent people were basing their letter on? What evidence did they have? Who were they talking to? … It definitely needs to be investigated.”

Although the main Hunter Biden investigation is expected to be on the House Overnight Committee, at least some elements are being carried out by the judiciary.

hunter biden
Representative Jim Jordan promised that Hunter Biden would be investigated in the House if Republicans win the midterm election.
Yuri Gripas / Abaka / Sipa USA

Jordan last week sent a notice Former FBI agent Timothy Thibault sought to preserve all documents related to his involvement in the Hunter Biden case. Thibault was identified by a departmental informer Earlier this year the move was moved to end an internal investigation into Biden’s son ahead of the 2020 election.

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