Neil Matthew Walter threatened to kill FBI director Christoper Wray: feds

A Michigan man has been charged with threatening to kill a California congressman and the head of the FBI — because he believed they were in a “child slave rape ring” with Tom Cruise and Elon Musk. Neil Matthew Walter, 32, was initially investigated for making death threats in a Nov. 3 voice message to … Read more

Doctor tried to revive Shanquella Robinson at Mexico resort

North Carolina woman dies under mysterious circumstances She was treated by a doctor who died of her injuries — and lived for about three hours — from her injuries, according to a shocking police report that contradicts her death certificate. The death certificate for Charlotte native Shankella Robinson claims she died within 15 minutes of … Read more

Leilani Simon, mom of missing Georgia toddler Quinton Simon, charged with murder

Police announced Monday that the mother of Quinton Simon, a 20-month-old Georgia boy who disappeared last month, has been charged with murder and the disappearance. “We are deeply saddened by this case, but we are grateful that we are one step closer to justice for little Quinton,” the Chatham County Police Department said. TweetedAnnouncing the … Read more

FBI boss Wray can’t ‘be sure’ if Facebook sending agents user info

WASHINGTON — FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday he “cannot be sure” whether Facebook is sending the bureau user information without official requests — following a recent report that the social media giant “biased” skewed information. is flagging off. House Judiciary Committee Republican claimed earlier this month that the FBI “receives personal user information from … Read more

Trump sought to have political opponents investigated by IRS: report

Former President Donald Trump attempted to weaponize the Internal Revenue Service and repeatedly asked his former chief of staff to ask the agency to investigate his political opponents, a new report finds. Trump’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, told the New York Times that his one-time boss demanded he “get the IRS” on … Read more

National Archives releases emails showing how it reacted to public revelation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago docs

National Archives and Records Administration released 75 pages of internal communication Showing on Wednesday how the agency reacted to media reports and a letter from the House Oversight Committee on 15 boxes of NARA records of the president obtained from Mar-a-Lago. ,The presence of news reports and classified information surrounding the boxes resulted in dozens … Read more

FBI warns criminals using low-profile rideshares to abduct kids in alarming ‘trend’

According to one of the top law enforcement agencies in the country, criminals are carrying out a disturbing trend where they are using ride-sharing vehicles to kidnap minors. According to ABC News, a 15-year-old girl who was the victim of an attempted kidnapping in 2019 said, “It has affected my school life, my friends, my … Read more

Trump aide Kash Patel can testify in Mar-a-Lago document probe: report

According to reports, Kash Patel, a former high-level aide in the Trump administration, has been exempted by the Justice Department to testify before a federal grand jury probing the handling of classified documents by former President Donald Trump. A federal judge recently ruled that the Justice Department cannot compel Patel to testify without providing protection … Read more

Jim Jordan vows probes into ‘political’ DOJ that he says is ‘purging’ conservatives

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed Monday that he will investigate the Justice Department’s politicization if Republicans take control of the House of Representatives after the midterm election. Jordan, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News of his priorities, “by far the most important is what the Justice Department is now political.” … Read more

exposed ‘abuse by the FBI’

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Wednesday that Special Counsel John Durham’s failed case against the source behind the anti-Trump steel dossier served the “public interest” and exposed “abuse by the FBI.” “The real public interest was being served here by exposing the full extent of the corruption involved in Roosegate and the abuse by … Read more