Nagaland 13.8.2022 Dear Laxmi GROWTH Saturday Weekly Lottery Result Today Live 6PM – Rojgarnama

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Online threats turn into real-world violence after FBI raid – TechCrunch

Threats of violence reached fever pitch – reminiscent of the days of the Capitol attack – after news that FBI raids Trump’s Florida beach club The former president may have been illegally taken there to retrieve classified documents. After Trump himself confirmed Monday’s raid at Mar-a-Lago, pro-Trump pundits and politicians rally “Declaration of War And … Read more

Lawsuit claims Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks ‘duped’ customers into investing with the now-bankrupt crypto platform Voyager Digital, resulting in $5 billion in losses

According to one lawsuit, a group of investors claimed that Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks duped them into investing in a “ponzi scheme”. The suit claims that Voyager Digital, a crypto trading platform, was “built on false promises.” The lawsuit claims that 3.5 million Americans have suffered more than $5 billion in damages as … Read more

Google TV Streamer Voice Commands You Probably Don’t Know About

When you think of the voice search functionality on a TV remote, the primary use that comes to mind is bypassing the slow, awkward process of typing titles into your search bar. with Chromecast with Google TVWell, you can do a lot more than that. Chromecast version google assistant Combines the convenience of voice commands … Read more

Samsung’s Jay Lee receives presidential pardon for bribery conviction – TechCrunch

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3PM PDT, subscribe here, There was a full moon last night, somehow it’s already halfway through August, and do you know there’s A Beach Plum LaCroix Flavor, The world has gone haywire, but at least it’s weekend … Read more

A startup wants to democratize the tech behind DALL-E 2, consequences be damned – TechCrunch

DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s powerful text-to-image AI system, can create photos in the style of cartoonists, 19th century daguerreotypists, stop-motion animators and more. But it has an important, artificial limitation: a filter that prevents it from creating images depicting public figures and content deemed too toxic. Now an open source alternative to DALL-E 2 is on … Read more

TechCrunch+ roundup: Down-funnel growth metrics, RIF planning, is e-commerce aggregation over? – TechCrunch

In the video game Katamari Damacy, players control an avatar who rolls a sticky ball that touches anything it touches. The goal is to make a sphere big enough to become a star or moon. E-commerce aggregators work in a similar way by buying smaller brands, then optimizing their manufacturing and sales channels to increase … Read more

BMW and Toyota to partner on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – TechCrunch

According to a report in the U.S., BMW and Toyota will work together to produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from the middle of a decade Nikkei Asia, BMW’s head of sales Peter Nota told the publication that the two would begin production and sales of the jointly developed hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in early 2025. … Read more

Kerala Lottery Today Result 13.8.2022 Karunya KR 562 Winners List Live 3 PM

Kerala Lottery Today Result 13.8.2022 [ 13 8 22 ] – Kerala State Lottery Department Announcing the Karunya KR 562 Lottery Result 13.8.2022. Those who purchased this Karunya KR 562 Lottery Ticket Nearest Lottery Stall, Now Check this Karunya KR 562 Lottery Result Live at 3 PM. Kerala State Lottery Sambad Winners get the … Read more

Facebook भिजवा देगा जेल! बाहर निकलने में छूट जाएंगे पसीने, कहीं आपने तो नहीं कर दी ये गलती

Facebook rules: If you use Facebook, then you must have seen that many times when you post on a serious issue, then your post is made invisible. It is included in the list that appears and is dangerous in the effective list. The threat is dangerous from a security point of view, and it should … Read more