Greece Powerball Predictions For Sunday 2 October 2022

Predictions for the next Greece Powerball draw Sunday 2 October 2022

You can find here predictions for the upcoming Greece Powerball draw based on winning numbers from previous draws and statistical analysis done by which may be known as grease powerball for predictions Sunday 2 October 2022.

06, 18, 26, 37, 43 – 10

Hottest pairs in the latest Greece Powerball draw

It is not necessary that the numbers you see above in any lottery, including Greece Powerball, will get you a prize. These calculations are only the result of statistical analysis based on previous images.

There is a worthwhile story to tell about the numbers drawn in the Greece Powerball draw on Thursday, 8 July 2021 – specifically 39, 18 and 29.

These numbers were not drawn in any of the hottest pairs in the last 20 Greece Powerball draws. Some of the hottest pairs are numbers: 33-39, 25-26 and 8-29.

Greece Powerball hot and cold numbers for the last 20 draws

Greece Powerball’s hot numbers in the last 20 draws have been 31, 7 and 17 – which were drawn five times, four times and three times respectively.

In contrast, the cold balls for the same period were 24, 32 and 4 – which were drawn 0 times, 0 times and 1 time, respectively.

Most drawn numbers of Grease Powerball

Grease Powerball’s results are largely similar to those from the previous four years, and list the most prevalent winning numbers as 31, 37, 30, 34, 21 and 28 – with 21 bubbling up. One of the smallest numbers is 33, which is drawn 192 times.

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