Adam Howe, 34, charged with murder after mother Susan found on fire on front lawn

A Massachusetts man was charged with manslaughter on Saturday following the death of his mother, who is believed to have burned her body outside a home in Cape Cod.

Adam Howe, 34, was charged with murder after officers said evidence showed the victim was killed by his mother, Susan Howe, Cape and Island District Attorney Michael O’Keefe and True Police Chief Jamie Kallis, in a statement. was.

The authorities reportedly responded to a separate report of the fire at around 9:30 p.m. as well as a request for a health check-up.

when they arrived, Officials say they found A man outside the house with a blazing fire in the lawn.

“as emergency personnel realized it was a body that was burning, male subject Ran into the house and locked the door,” O’Keefe and Kallis said in a joint statement.

The Cape Cod regional SWAT team then responded and eventually entered the house and arrested Adam Howe.

Susan Hoe

After officers discovered Susan Howe’s body burning in the front lawn, Adam Howe ran inside the home and locked the doors.

Truro Murder

Officers eventually entered the house and arrested Adam Howe.

Susan Hoe

Susan Hove with a dog and child.

Adam Howe Susan Howe

Adam Howe is being evaluated by mental health professionals.

O’Keefe and Kallis said Howe would be evaluated by mental health professionals following information officials received from family members.

Fox News could not immediately reach the True Police Department for comment.

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