Daily Current Affairs 23 August 2022 In Hindi

Daily Current Affairs 23 August 2022 in Hindi, Today 23-08-2022 Latest and Daily Current Affairs, Candidates Can Check All Competition Exams GK Question PDF

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Daily Current Affairs 23 August 2022

1. World Old Age Day on 21st August

• Day of the world’s elders was communicated on 21st August. World Elderly Day was proclaimed by the National General Assembly on 14 December 1990. The year of World World Society Day is starting from 1988.

Prepared preparation for notes and job updates

daily current affairs 23 august 2022 in hindi

• Was prepared as such on August 19, 1988.

2. Germs in India

• On August 21, 2022, Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh launched India’s Wind Cell (HFC) in Pune (Nation).

• HFC The launch of India’s globally growing HFC in true sense is a mission.

3. Mithila Makhana Comiling GI Tag of Bihar

• In August 2022, the Central Government has proposed Mithila Makhana of Bihar. expected to be successful. Makhana would account for 90 percent of the total production of the product in India, hence the name Mithila Manna in the mix.

• Makhana of Mithila has properties, nutritious ingredients and nutritious ingredients for nutritious diet. For the first time, like Madhubani of Bihar, Katarni Sarson, Mag Paan, Silvav Khaja, Muzaffarpur’s unique litchi, Jardalu Mir of Lilapur has been tagged with wars.

4. First sent home to test for monkeypox

• Developing India’s self-independent RT-PCR for monkeypox disease testing by Infectious Bio-Medicals (TransAsia Bio-Medicals) (Reparwork Process RT-PCR) is the process of cat development.

• This Kate was recently said by Union Minister Ajay Kumar Sood. growth rate of data

5. Following has selected the officers of the department

• I is the person under the control of the person. This is in 2025.

• NASA recently announced 13 possible positions, which are near the lunar pole. This is the crew’s first mission to the surface. Rings repeatedly.

6. Globally made country’s climate

• Recently a communication program will start in Lucknow for the meeting chaired by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

• To test the Nite in the world’s quality control of the world in 2027.46 hectares of organic farming area meets 350 control standards.

7. Ashok Gehlot, General Manager of Rajasthan ‘Rajiv Gandhi Center of Technology’

• On August 20, 2022, former Prime Minister Late. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Raiji Gandhi, Ashok Gehlot breathed the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Center of Technology’ (R-VIJAY) in Nagpur.

• R- Suitable for working in conjunction with a working friendly environment for working with Works to act as a school for work, work for work and work for softs Is. Cooperate up.

8. External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar used the bust of Mahatma Gandhi

• Recently External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar communicated with Mahatma Gandhi in Paraguay and visited ‘Casa de la Indi Ponden’, from where the external situation started more than two years ago. was.

• To be healthy is necessary to contact. dakthauradaura first yadauric ranauraura tair aay r aaye r aaye r aaye rayrauraumath and also ruirraumathadauradauradauradauradauradauradauradauradaury also

9. The Southern Region and the US Begins to Train Its Most Active Army

• The Southern Region and the US were the first to begin the ‘spewing free dance’ of communication. Along with exercise, balance also remains fine. The name of this financial management.

• Language 01, by 2022. Entire activities for classroom communication are related to classroom.

10. Checked Mark 2022 at New Delhi

• On August 22, 2022, the Minister of Textiles and Textiles Vikram Jardosh tagged Make Mark Expo 2022 (Silk Mark Expo) in New Delhi. It extends from 22 to 28 August 2022. 12 39 exhibitors take part in this game.

• Certified by the Velocity Board (SMOGAN India of India), certified as germicidal. SMOIs are all things of Central Silk Board, Textiles and Government of India.

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