CDC loosens mask mandates for healthcare facilities

The federal government is no longer recommending universal masking in health facilities, according to new CDC recommendations quietly published last week. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordinance It reversed nearly two-and-a-half years of guidance issued on Friday saying that face coverings are now required only in hospitals and nursing homes where transmission of COVID-19 … Read more

Fugitive ‘Fat Leonard’ in Navy bribery scam seeks asylum

The fugitive nicknamed “Fat Leonard”, who masterminded a massive, multi-million dollar naval bribery scandal, is seeking asylum in Venezuela, where he was caught a week ago After spending 16 days on the lamb. Leonard Glen Francis slipped from federal officials Cutting off his GPS monitor while awaiting sentencing in San Diego on September 4. According … Read more

El Paso could spend $10 million this month alone on migrants

Officials in El Paso, Texas, have requested their mayor to declare a disaster as the city is overwhelmed by 2,000 new migrants Withdraw funds from vital services including daily, your police and fire departments. El Paso City Council members Sissi Lizarraga, Claudia Rodriguez and Isabel Salcido wrote a letter Wednesday demanding action to Mayor Oscar … Read more