Illegal immigrant Ricardo Jamie-Ruiz tries taking weapon away from Texas National Guardsman

A previously deported illegal immigrant with a criminal record tried to take a weapon from a soldier on Tuesday after fleeing to the southern border, officials said. The Texas Department of Public Security said Wednesday that Mexican national Ricardo Jamie-Ruiz, 45, was part of a larger group of migrants who were apprehended by Border Patrol … Read more

‘Eat healthy,’ ‘Get plenty of sleep’

Department of Homeland Security, a large agency charged with border guardingenforcing immigration laws, dealing with national emergencies and safety of air passengersShe also takes time out to serve as a life coach for her 240,000 employees. The DHS website provides its workers with a constant stream of maternal lifestyle advice, much of which their actual … Read more

Border ‘obviously’ not secure, Biden must act

Democrat Representative Henry Kueller acknowledged that the southern US border is “obviously” not safe, as he urged President Biden to increase deportations of immigrants trying to enter illegally. “If you don’t deport people, they’ll see the border as a speed bump,” Cuellar, who represents a district on the Texas border, said Tuesday. Fox News’ “The … Read more

GOP slams Kamala Harris for going to DMZ instead of Texas

Republican to Vice President Harris: Uh, that’s the wrong border, Kamala. Veep – charged early in his administration by President Biden for his handling of the US border crisis – will travel to the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea on Thursday, part of her trip to Asia where she attended the funeral. Former … Read more

GOP unveils ‘Commitment to America’ plan to stop inflation and crime

House Republicans on Friday pledged to end rising inflation and reduce crime by serving as a check on President Biden if he reclaims power — the party’s midterm election platform.Commitment to America., House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) announces the large-tent structure inside an HVAC manufacturing plant outside Pittsburgh, Penn. “We wanna roll [the plan] … Read more

Migrants claiming they ‘just want to get to NY’ broke into elderly Texas farmer’s house: grandson

A Texas farmer claims he saw eight migrants break into his 95-year-old grandfather’s house while fleeing border agents – as one declared “we just want to go to New York.” The man, who can see the boundary wall from his front door, said video posted on tiktok on Wednesday that the men had previously “bull-raced” … Read more

El Paso could spend $10 million this month alone on migrants

Officials in El Paso, Texas, have requested their mayor to declare a disaster as the city is overwhelmed by 2,000 new migrants Withdraw funds from vital services including daily, your police and fire departments. El Paso City Council members Sissi Lizarraga, Claudia Rodriguez and Isabel Salcido wrote a letter Wednesday demanding action to Mayor Oscar … Read more

Migrants being sent to NYC not forced onto buses, Texas shelter boss says

Nearly a quarter of all migrants passing through the El Paso, Texas, shelter want to move to New York City and are not being forced on buses against their will, according to the boss of the charity that runs it. Blake Barrow, CEO el paso rescue missionpublished an open letter on Wednesday begging the Biden … Read more

DeSantis rips hypocrisy of anger at migrant relocation

Ron DeSantis of Florida Gov. the hypocrisy of his critics get angry at him flight of a handful of migrants To swamp Martha’s Vineyard when border crossers die in dire circumstances. “It’s Really Depressing,” DeSantis Fox News told ‘Sean Hannity’ late Monday, after hours a criminal investigation launched In their relocation of about 50 migrants … Read more