Elon Musk backs Ron DeSantis for 2024 presidential run

Florida Govt. Ron DeSantis has a big-name supporter for a possible presidential run in 2024: Elon Musk. Musk came out to the Sunshine state government in a brief Twitter conversation Friday night with the @ProudElephantUS account, who asked if he would back DeSantis. “Yes.” Musk repliedbefore adding, “But Twitter as a platform should be fair … Read more

Most Americans say Trump’s 2024 presidential run ‘bad thing’: poll

WASHINGTON – Nearly six in 10 Americans disapprove of former President Donald Trump’s views Bid to return to the 2024 White HouseHowever, nearly half think he is at least somewhat likely to be president again, according to a new poll. The Quinnipiac University Survey The poll, released Tuesday, found 57% of Americans thought the candidacy … Read more

GOP fears 2016 redux as big names explore challenge to Trump

Despite a lukewarm-at-best response to former President Donald Trump announcing another White House run last week, Republicans could find themselves in a repeat of 2016 — with a crowded field 2024 Presidential Primary enabling the 45th president to regain the nomination with a plurality of support. Trump, 76, was one of 16 candidates the GOP … Read more

Former defense secretary Mark Esper says Donald Trump is ‘unfit for office’

Donald Trump’s former defense secretary called his former boss “unfit for office” on Wednesday, a day after the 45th president. announced the launch of its 2024 campaign, “I think he is unfit for office,” Mark Esper said Trump, 76, in an interview with CNN. “He puts himself before the country,” the former Pentagon chief continued, … Read more

DeSantis cheered at GOP confab before Trump’s announcement

refresh their landslide victory againFlorida Govt. Ron DeSantis received moments before thunderous applause at the Republican governor’s assembly Tuesday evening. former president donald trump took the stage at his Mar-a-Lago resort to announce he’s running again in 2024 DeSantis, 44, who defeated Democrat Charlie Crist by nearly 20 percentage points to win a second term … Read more

Trump trolls DeSantis for once dressing baby in MAGA onesie

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday trolled Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis resumed, with DeSantis showing his child wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt. Trump, 76, pokes fun at past endorsements of the 44-year-old governor Tension rises between the pair In light of last week’s midterm elections. Taking his Truth to social platform, former Commander-in-Chief … Read more

DeSantis shrugs off Trump attacks as ‘noise,’ tells critics ‘scoreboard’

He’s ousting Trump. Florida Gov.’s Ron DeSantis sacks ex President Donald Trump Attacks Little more than “noise” on Tuesday, and advised critics to “check the scoreboard” of his re-election victory. “When you’re leading, when you’re working, you take on incoming fire,” the 44-year-old said at an unrelated press conference in response to a question about … Read more

Majority believe Trump should not run again: poll

A majority of Americans believe Donald Trump should not run for president again, a new poll shows, just hours before Trump is expected to announce a third presidential campaign. , Morning Consult/Politico Poll, taken after last week’s much-anticipated midterm elections in which Republicans underperformed, showing that 65% of voters say 76-year-old Trump should “probably” or … Read more

Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens wants to ‘burn the Republican Party to the ground’

Lincoln Project adviser Stuart Stevens insisted Saturday that the group is prepared to “burn up” the current Republican Party rather than oppose Donald Trump. Stevens appeared on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” with fill-in host Ali Velshi to discuss the results of the midterm elections. After several Trump-endorsed candidates lost the election, Velshi questioned Stevens whether … Read more

Trump begging Jared, Ivanka to join him for campaign launch: sources

“Javanka” Trump wants no part of 2024. 76-year-old ex-president parted ways with daughter Tiffany Grand Mar-a-Lago Wedding They were trying to convince their eldest daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to be with them on stage this past weekend when they announced their third consecutive run for the presidency at the Palm Beach resort on … Read more