DIY TikTok star’s home is ‘unlivable’ after Ian

A woman who went viral for renovating her Florida waterfront home alone while her military husband was away is now picking up the pieces after Hurricane Ian His dream home was destroyed. “I’m thinking it’s probably a good three feet across the house,” Corey Bosco said of the water level in her Daytona Beach home, … Read more

Floridians beg for help rescuing hurricane-trapped families

North Port, Fla. Families in Hurricane Ian-ravaged areas north of Fort Myers were still grappling with dangerous conditions, waterlogged homes and rescue efforts. While the water had receded to a great extent straight hit cape coral And its neighboring city, some 50 miles north, with distressed residents still trapped inside their homes – some of … Read more

WH won’t return DeSantis storm praise after claiming gov gushed about Biden

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to assess Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ performance Hurricane Ian’s Respond Friday – Despite President Biden’s earlier claim that the Republican leader praised him. It’s standard for politicians to put fights aside and offer warm words for each other in times of crisis, but such remarks came only 48 … Read more

Nancy Pelosi says Florida needs migrants to ‘pick crops’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked outrage on Friday when she tried to justify waves of illegal migration America needed new arrivals to “take down the crops” by claiming Florida farmers. The California Democrat made surprising remarks during a news conference, in which he agreed that America had a responsibility to secure the border, but “must … Read more

Looters arrested in Fort Myers in wake of Hurricane Ian chaos

According to a local reporter, Florida police arrested a group of robbers on Thursday in a ravaged Fort Myers. NBC 2 reporter Gage Golding tweeted a video of five young suspects sitting in handcuffs in the beach area of ​​the stricken city. “The sheriff’s deputy told me Thursday afternoon that these men had been arrested … Read more

Hurricane Ian killed at least 21 in Florida, more expected

The death toll from Hurricane Ian’s brutal attack in Florida rose to at least 21 as of Friday, with more expected Destroyed “Ground Zero”“- As rescue efforts continue and officials are working to retrieve bodies already seen in a submerged house, officials said. “Right now, the number we’re going with is that we have 21” … Read more

Hurricane Ian strengthening as it barrels towards Carolinas

there were storms Already bashing the South Carolina coast Ian is expected to slam into Palmetto State as a Category 1 hurricane this afternoon early Friday – forecasters have warned of a “life-threatening storm.” In the historic city of Charleston, on Friday morning, a gust of strong wind bent tree branches and rained incessantly. The … Read more

Amazon driver goes on tirade about deliveries during Ian

An Amazon driver reprimanded customers about having to deliver 172 people during Hurricane Ian — shouting, “I hate all of you right now!” The employee shared his rant on TikTok under the username @abnormalpoet, Newsweek first reported, “I hate you all right now. You all knew this storm was coming and you still order s–t! … Read more

Hurricane Ian before and after photos

Shocking before and after photos reveal the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian’s devastation Wednesday in the beautiful coastal city of Fort Myers and surrounding areas. historical Category 4 storm sabotage Large parts of the city, eroding ancient stretches of coastline, long tourist spots and even leveling bridges. Taken from across the city of 85,000, the … Read more