Nancy Pelosi says Florida needs migrants to ‘pick crops’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked outrage on Friday when she tried to justify waves of illegal migration America needed new arrivals to “take down the crops” by claiming Florida farmers.

The California Democrat made surprising remarks during a news conference, in which he agreed that America had a responsibility to secure the border, but “must also recognize the importance of newcomers to our country.”

Pelosi was asked if she thought the southern border was safe Over two lakh arrests Number of people crossing illegally in the last 12 months.

“There’s a labor shortage in our country, and you see in Florida too, some farmers and growers say: ‘Why are you sending these immigrants north? We need them to raise crops here,'” she said. .

Nancy Pelosic
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that Florida farmers want migrants to help “pick the crop” in the state.

Without mentioning any names, Pelosi’s remarks were a clear dig at Florida Republican Gov. After Ron DeSantis Conspiracy to transfer dozens of migrants From Texas to the wealthy liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts earlier this month.

DeSantis’s fellow Republican governors – Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona – have already sent hundreds of migrants to so-called “sanctuary cities”, including New York and Washington DC, this year.

Pelosi received a furious response on Twitter – with many accusing him of suggesting that the US should open its borders to take advantage of “cheap foreign labor”.

Arizona GOP Representative Andy Biggs tweeted: “It is clear that Pelosi and the Democrats are exploiting illegal aliens and see them only as cheap labor.”

Migrants gather at Martha's Vineyard
Dozens of migrants had previously been deported from Texas – via Florida – to Martha’s Vineyard.
Ron DeSantis
Pelosi’s comments appear to take a dig at Florida Gov.’s Ron DeSantis after sending dozens of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard earlier this month.

Other critics accused Pelosi of racism for stereotyping migrants as agricultural workers.

“Nancy Pelosi Thinks Immigrants Should Harvest,” RNC Latino of the Republican National Committee Twitter account posted, “When Democrats show you their true colors, believe them.”

“It’s hard to believe that immigrants who have become U.S. citizens are starting to vote Republican when Congressional Democrats see them as mere fruit pickers,” Republican adviser tweeted Nathan Wirtzel.

Federation for American Immigration Reform couple: “For Democrats, mass immigration checks two boxes: 1. More future voters 2. Cheap foreign labor.”

“Nancy Pelosi is really the spitting image of Lucille Bluth,” Jason Howerton saidReferring to the character “Arrested Development” played by Jessica Walter, “So out of touch it almost sounds like sarcasm.”

“Martha’s Vineyard Overseas Flight is the gift that just keeps on giving,” cracked Washington Examiner Commentary Editor Conn Carroll,

“I want you to imagine for a second what would happen if Trump said ‘we need immigrants in the South to pick our crops’ instead of Pelosi,” caleb hall,

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