Who Is Nanamhla Dalasile On Durban Gen? Pictures As Twitter Believes Actress Was Arrested

Stories go that a South African actor has been taken into custody. The experiences of his arrest came to light a few hours ago when Opera.info posted them.

Durban General Forge member Nanamhla Dalasile is alleged to have criticized a co-actor for stealing her laptop computer.

People are talking about the arrest reports on the internet, especially on Twitter. Many who watch the show are shocked to hear such shocking news about their favorite characters.

Nanamhla Dalsile

Who is Nanamhla Dalasile on Durban General?

Nanamhla Dalasile is a South African actress who rose to fame as a cast member of the medical drama show Durban General.

Durban Zen is a show on ETV that takes place in Durban and showcases the day-to-day hard work that doctors and nurses do at Durban Basic Hospital.

Some of the popular characters of this series are Dalasile. He is now in a lot of discussion with the news of his arrest.

The actress also said that one of her co-stars recently told that her laptop computer has been stolen.

Many pictures of Nanamhla Dalsile’s arrest are going viral on Twitter. The actress has already gone to the police station due to her relationship with the person she dated.

Nanamhla Dalsile is an actress who appears in the show Durban General on ETV. She always seems to be in trouble.

In 2021, it was said that her ex-boyfriend, Uzalo Star Nyavo, whose real name is Sebolenkosi Mathembu, had filed for a brief protection order against her.

Sebelenkosi Mathembu also said that she was risking her life.

Now it has come to the fore that her current ex-boyfriend had put her in jail. The actress, who plays Kagosi on Muwhango, is accused of stealing her laptop computer and mobile phone.

A Muwango actor named Tebatsu Mashishi was detained and imprisoned. The Sunday World says he was arrested by his ex-girlfriend, Durban General actor Nanamhla Delisle, alleging theft.

Nanamhla Dalasile Wikipedia Biography and Age

Wikipedia has not yet written about Nanamhla Dalasil’s work achievements. Her full biography has not been proven, so we do not get to know about her teenage years, her family or the performances she performed.

The Nanmahal Dalasile is yet to be in its thirties. From what I can see, it looks quite small.

Dalasile never told anyone when she was born or how old she was. She is trying to appear in the South African film industry.

Is there an Instagram account for Nanamhla Dalasile?

We try to find Nanamhla Dalsil’s real Instagram account as a part of our analysis. Although she is not seen using social media.

The actress seems to be staying away from the limelight and away from our online world. Still, she remains in the headlines every day.


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