Hurricane Ian: 20 migrants missing after boat sinks in Florida

DThe subjects left by the passage of isaster and destruction are Hurricane Ian Along the west coast of Florida this Tuesday, however, there is a particular story that has attracted a lot of attention and it concerns a migrant boat that was wrecked, leaving 23 people missing, three of whom have already been found. have been

The boat capsized near the incident Stock Island, Florida Hours before Hurricane Ian arrived and in addition to those rescued, four additional people managed to swim away, according to a statement. US Border Patrol,

Strong winds and rough seas from Hurricane Ian wash debris along a road near Grand Cayman, Cayman

What happened to the sinking vessel?

“US Border Patrol agents … respond to the landing of an expatriate in Stock Island, Florida,” Miami’s Chief Patrol Agent Walter Slosaro But said. “Four Cuban migrants swam to shore after their ship sank due to bad weather. Four Cuban migrants swam to shore after their ship sank due to bad weather.”

After 23 people were declared missing, the three rescued were helped out of the water, where they were in grave danger, about two miles from the beach. boca chicaAccording to a Coast Guard report at 3:30 p.m. (local time), he was immediately rushed to the hospital with obvious signs of fatigue and dehydration, while they continue to search for the remaining 20 people.

Hurricane Ian Recommendations

Meanwhile, after some time Hurricane Ian Landslides have occurred and more than a million people are left without electricity, while many cities are under water.

“Ian will soon cause catastrophic storms, winds and flooding across the Florida Peninsula,” National Hurricane Center Told. The center said that as of afternoon, hurricane status was spreading to parts of southwestern Florida.

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