Jack Dorsey sends private text message to Elon Musk about Twitter

IIn the case of the sale of Twitter by Elon Musk And Jack Dorsey, New text messages they sent each other have surfaced. Newly disclosed court records show that Tesla The billionaire has been personally tweeted several times before and after financially joining the company. Dorsey, Co-Founder and Former CEO Twitter, sent a text message … Read more

Jim Cantore almost got taken out by a tree after being struck while live on air during Hurricane Ian’s landfall

Hurricane Ian landfall in Florida gave us some scary images and footage posted by social users and media outlets that sent journalists to the scene to cover the minute-to-minute passage of the storm as it made landfall United States of america, Reporters, camera crews and producers showed their commitment to the job by exposing themselves … Read more

Who are the richest people in America? Forbes publishes a list with surprises

aEvery year, the prestigious Forbes magazine publishes its annual ranking of the 400 richest Americans. This highlights that there are fewer millionaires in the US due to inflation derived from the war in Ukraine. One of the most notable parts is the absence of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, broke into the top 10 … Read more

Hurricane Ian: How can I help disaster victims? Donations, Florida Fund and more

MArabs Americans in the state of Florida suffering the consequences Hurricane Ian left behind, around 2.67 million Many of them still have no electricity and hundreds of thousands of families have either lost their homes or suffered heavy damage that they would need to repair. united states government And many countries around the world have … Read more

Joe Biden is in the spotlight again: Asks about Indiana legislator… who has been dead for two months!

TeaHe is the President of the United States of America, Joe BidenThere was once again the protagonist of a curious moment, but a bit unfortunate in this case as it pertains to a dead man. At a convention, Biden asked about Indiana legislator Jackie Walorsky, but the only problem was that he died in a … Read more

These Floridians thought they could swim through Hurricane Ian… but they were wrong!

wooMost parts of the state of Florida were sheltered or abandoned further territory. Hurricane Ian Hitting the shoreline, there were some who decided to risk their lives to swim through the huge waves caused by the storm. Several videos have surfaced on social media of Floridians who thought they could swim through Hurricane Ian, but … Read more

Reporters use condoms to protect their microphones from Hurricane Ian

IIt’s questionable whether the man who coined the phrase “necessity is the mother of innovation” had in mind TV reporters putting condoms on their lips in the midst of a storm, but it’s true that it’s a thing now. whereas Hurricane Ian fury on florida, NBC’s Kayla Gallero She’s practicing safe reporting there, proudly and … Read more

Hurricane Ian hits Florida with 150-mph winds

heyOne of the worst storms ever to hit the continental United States Hurricane IanOne Category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 mph, made landfall near Cayo Costa in southwest Florida at 3:05 p.m., following Tuesday’s attack Cuba, Ian got stronger. The eye of the storm made landfall cayo costaan island in Charlotte Harbor west of … Read more

Hurricane Ian: 20 migrants missing after boat sinks in Florida

DThe subjects left by the passage of isaster and destruction are Hurricane Ian Along the west coast of Florida this Tuesday, however, there is a particular story that has attracted a lot of attention and it concerns a migrant boat that was wrecked, leaving 23 people missing, three of whom have already been found. have … Read more

US embassy asks its citizens to leave Russia ‘immediately’

TeaHe We The embassy in Moscow has asked its citizens to leave Russia “Immediately,” according to a statement on the embassy’s website. “US citizens should not travel Russia and those living in or traveling to Russia must leave Russia immediately, while limited commercial travel options remain.” On September 21, Russian officials announced a partial military … Read more