Furniture company fires 2,700 employees overnight before Thanksgiving

United Furniture Industries gave up everything 2,700 hired employees overnight, announcing the decision to them via text message or email while they were asleep, before a normal day at work the next morning. Company makes budget-friendly sofas and recliners Simmons Upholstery and the workers they took out meant thousands of factory workers were in North … Read more

All passengers on Frontier Airlines flight forced to get off after selfish couple refused to pay for baggage

budget airlines they are known for Cheap and Penny-Pinching Methods Tricking customers into paying as much as possible. A cheap face value ticket always sounds too good to be true and in most cases, it usually is. Nevertheless, rules are rules and sadly if your bag does not measure the exact dimensions set by the … Read more

Elon Musk shares his full support for Ron DeSantis’ run for the 2024 presidency

Elon Musk has repeatedly said that he has been a democrat For many years but he is not happy with the way the party is moving forward. Liberals have completely neglected this Elon Musk Has transformed into a conservative Republican. He has been seen cozying up to the right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil, and … Read more

Charitable Tax Deduction: How to maximize holiday giving

aThe end of the year is near, the holidays and low temperatures are constant around the US, but so is charitable donation To assist those in need, especially with the rising prices of energy and everyday goods due to inflation. Charitable donations are not only made in cash, some organizations accept donations in kind or … Read more

Surprise Check: Who can apply for this $1,500 payment

Teahere’s a surprise $1,500 Bonus Check It is already available to Americans but see the special criteria required to obtain it cash, Everyone who is eligible for this random check will receive it right before the holiday season Christmas, state teacher Arkansas Will be eligible to receive a bonus check for everything they’ve done for … Read more

Walmart shooter left ‘death note’

ainvestigating officer Deadly shooting of six people at Walmart said that The shooter had bought the gun just hours earlier and left a note on his phone with complaints against co-workers. Police in Chesapeake, Virginia, issued a news release Friday saying they conducted a forensic analysis of the Walmart supervisor Andre Bing’s phone. Police say … Read more

Cruise passenger falls overboard and is found alive after 15 hours, authorities say it was a ‘Thanksgiving miracle’

a 28 year old The man who went overboard from the Carnival cruise ship was found hours earlier after he went overboard. spent more than 15 hours at sea near the Gulf of Mexico. The man who remains unnamed at this point went overboard yesterday on Thanksgiving Day According to one of the man’s siblings, … Read more

Walmart’s Mass shooter went on a shooting spree and kept on shooting those who were already dead

Andrew M. Bing Name of the person who recently shot himself for killing 6 people was walmart mass shooting happened in Chesapeake, Virginia This week. As rampant as most mass shooters do, he committed suicide after the man who killed six people there was one walmart manager Who wrote a ‘manifesto’ and then decided to … Read more

Mega Millions numbers for November 25th, 2022: Estimated Jackpot of $284 Million

DDo you buy a ticket for the Mega Millions draw on November 25, 2022? You can be the person who takes the prize of crorepati. Confirm the information, and check if your life has turned around with lucky numbers. The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday’s lottery drawing has increased to an estimated $284 million or … Read more

Donald Trump might be scared of Kanye West stealing his voters in the election

Kanye West Currently having influence among Republicans and conservatives Donald Trump He only had desires. In fact, he always dreamed of getting the same popularity but he never did. who think Kanye West meeting Trump at Mar-a-Lago This week was a show of appreciation, what they clearly didn’t get Kanye West was trying to just … Read more