Jim Cantore almost got taken out by a tree after being struck while live on air during Hurricane Ian’s landfall

Hurricane Ian landfall in Florida gave us some scary images and footage posted by social users and media outlets that sent journalists to the scene to cover the minute-to-minute passage of the storm as it made landfall United States of america, Reporters, camera crews and producers showed their commitment to the job by exposing themselves … Read more

Who are the richest people in America? Forbes publishes a list with surprises

aEvery year, the prestigious Forbes magazine publishes its annual ranking of the 400 richest Americans. This highlights that there are fewer millionaires in the US due to inflation derived from the war in Ukraine. One of the most notable parts is the absence of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, broke into the top 10 … Read more

Hurricane Ian: How can I help disaster victims? Donations, Florida Fund and more

MArabs Americans in the state of Florida suffering the consequences Hurricane Ian left behind, around 2.67 million Many of them still have no electricity and hundreds of thousands of families have either lost their homes or suffered heavy damage that they would need to repair. united states government And many countries around the world have … Read more

Joe Biden is in the spotlight again: Asks about Indiana legislator… who has been dead for two months!

TeaHe is the President of the United States of America, Joe BidenThere was once again the protagonist of a curious moment, but a bit unfortunate in this case as it pertains to a dead man. At a convention, Biden asked about Indiana legislator Jackie Walorsky, but the only problem was that he died in a … Read more

Student Loans: If you received a Pell Grant, how to apply for a $20,000 forgiveness?

PResident Joe Biden is seeing the fruits of his labor, complete with the announcement of student loan relief last month. Millions of Americans with debt in student loans will see relief of up to $20,000 in some cases. People who have received a Pell Grant are eligible to apply for this waiver. A total of … Read more

Student Loans: What is an origination fee on a loan?

sSome lenders include an origination fee. student loan Which can end up surprising borrowers when they receive less money than the total amount borrowed, or they are misled when comparing different student loan options. To evaluate them, we must first understand what the basic charges are. student loan, What are the origination fees in student … Read more

These Floridians thought they could swim through Hurricane Ian… but they were wrong!

wooMost parts of the state of Florida were sheltered or abandoned further territory. Hurricane Ian Hitting the shoreline, there were some who decided to risk their lives to swim through the huge waves caused by the storm. Several videos have surfaced on social media of Floridians who thought they could swim through Hurricane Ian, but … Read more

SSI October Payments: Why are you getting your October benefits earlier?

sTargeted as a welfare scheme under Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides additional payments to people who suffer from some form of physical disability, or who are 65 years of age or older. America, There is a significant overlap between those who are eligible for SSI and those who receive Social Security, with the … Read more

COLA Increase: What is the impact of CPI-W on seniors’ buying power?

wooWith inflation at a 40-year high, the topic of Social Security, especially with regard to retirement benefits, has become a hotly contested issue across the country. United States of america, Retirees, who depend on their retirement benefits, are struggling to purchase basic necessities such as food, medicine, health care and housing costs as the purchasing … Read more

Gas Prices Today, September 29, 2022: Check the Cheapest Gas Stations Today

aafterwards gas prices In fell for consumers United States of america In the months of July and August, they have gradually increased again in the month of September. This means that filling the pumps is once again a major concern for Americans. But, by shopping around, it is possible to find cheaper gas stations. so … Read more