Ryan Corr calls working with Milly Alcock and Emma D’Arcy a ‘gift’

Similar to “Game of Thrones,” “House of the Dragon” is full of talented actors who bring to life the rich tapestry of Westeros in the HBO series. Princess Renera Targaryen, portrayed as a teenager by Millie Alcock and an adult by Emma D’Arcy, navigates a turbulent political environment as heir to the Iron Throne.

This includes her controversial relationships with her uncle Damon Targaryen (Matthew Smith), Ser Kristen Cole (Fabian Frankel) and Ser Harvin “Breakbones” Strong (Ryan Kors). The latter first appears in episode 3, where he praises Rainera for killing a wild boar on his own.

Ryan Kors, who plays Harvin, spoke to Insider via Zoom, praising Alcock’s work, saying: “I’ve worked with Millie before, and I think she’s the first installment of the series. I have been absolutely amazing. And to carry it on my shoulders, her performance has completely blown me away.”

However, due to the 10-year time jump, D’Arcy assumed the role of Alcock in episode six. As it is strongly implied that he is the father of Rainera’s three children and not her husband, Lenore Valerian, Harvin of Cor and Rainera of D’Arcy had to work even more closely together (John McMillan). Due to the altercation, the knight is exiled back to Hrenhal, but not before he shares an emotional, silent farewell with the princess.

Corr and D’Arcy apparently made an effort to ensure that their chemistry conveyed the importance of their secret relationship. According to Cor, it was one of the first things they worked on together. “Some of those scenes were filmed there in the first few days of filming,” he told the insider. Therefore, it was a form of trial by fire.

The actor then explained why the simple farewell scene was so effective. “A lot can be communicated without words. Actors often fight to cut their words out of the script, because action and silence are often more powerful than words,” he said. I believe the scene with Emma, ​​especially in episode six, An excellent example of this.

Cor said it was a “blessing” to work with “the quality of the actors” in “House of the Dragon”, in which the two actors portrayed Renera. He said, “Emma is the pinnacle of that.” “He’s just a rock star, like Millie is. I was so lucky.”

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see the more engaging dynamic of Rainera and Harvin, as the former Commander of the City Watch perishes in a fiery inferno at Harrenhaal in episode six, orchestrated by his own brother, Larry Strong (Matthew Needham). went. ,

Farewell, Ser Harvin Strong, we barely knew you.

HBO airs “House of the Dragon” on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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