Car linked to kidnapping of autistic Florida boy found

An autistic Florida boy believed to have been taken away by his father and grandmother may already be taken to Canada, according to police, who found his belongings in a car dumped near the border.

Little George “JoJo” Morales, 6, was kidnapped in Miami on August 27 amid a bitter custody battle between his parents.

George “Jojo” Morales, 6, has been missing for more than a month after giving his mother an ominous warning.
miami-dade police

Before being taken away, she said that “her father wanted to take her to live on a farm with a windmill”—and warned about “the bad guys trying to take me away”, her mother. , by Yanet Lil Concepción Told local 10 news,

Officers are now looking for the boy’s father, 45-year-old George Morales, and his grandmother, 68-year-old Lilium Pea Morales, who are both wanted on a felony charge of custodial interference.

Father wanted a poster for George Morales.
Police are looking for 45-year-old George Morales, the father of an autistic child.
miami-dade police
Lilium Pea Morales.
There is also a $5,000 reward for the boy’s 68-year-old grandmother, Lilium Pea Morales.
miami-dade police

This week, the hunt moved to Littleton, Maine, more than 1,800 miles away, after a border patrol intercepted a GMC Yukon near a crossing into Canada, Police told NECN.

Some of the boy’s personal belongings were found in the car, with other items tied to a case found nearby by a bear hunter, police told the outlet what they were.

Police said it was not clear whether they made it to Canada, where temperatures dropped an alarming 35 degrees this week.

However, teams of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have joined the search on that side of the border.

“Until we find them, we can’t really tell what they were doing there or what their intentions are,” Maine State Police Lieutenant Brian Harris told the local outlet.

US Marshal also on Tuesday $5,000. announced the awards of To every father and grandmother.

Mom Yanet Lil Conception.
Mom Yannette Lil Concepcion burst into tears in an interview begging, please bring my baby! Bring him back to us.”
wplg local 10

“Please bring my baby! Bring him back to us,” Concepción told Local 10.

“I’m desperate; I’m trying not to lose hope.”

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