Hurricane Ian hits Florida with 150-mph winds

heyOne of the worst storms ever to hit the continental United States Hurricane IanOne Category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 mph, made landfall near Cayo Costa in southwest Florida at 3:05 p.m., following Tuesday’s attack Cuba, Ian got stronger.

The eye of the storm made landfall cayo costaan island in Charlotte Harbor west of fort myers, on Wednesday afternoon.

The winds are blowing from the storm now 150 mph instead of last 155 mph Over the next three days, Ian is forecast to move further inland and northwards.

Hurricane Iannu floods the streets of Florida’s Fort Myers BeachTwitter

It is already projected to be the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, with its effects spreading from Florida to other Southeast regions and causing “catastrophic wind damage,” “accidental flooding,” and “idiom rain.” .

According to federal meteorological officials, the storm could be “life-threatening” and everyone in the hurricane area should heed the warnings of local officials immediately.

From Monday, Floridians are getting ready exclusively for Ian tampa bay area Where flights were previously canceled, the City of Tampa shut down power in Downtown Tampa to prevent equipment damage from the storm, and even more. 2.5 million people Withdrawal orders received.

Water recedes in Tampa Bay as Hurricane Ian hits FloridaTwitter

In the press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “This is a powerful storm that you should be treated like. If a tornado is approaching your home, I urge you to be careful,” warned.

Scientists warn that storms like Ian are being intensified by climate change and that a warmer planet would increase hurricane strength, creating storms that would be deadlier and more destructive.

Damage caused by Hurricane Ian

Hurricane-borne tornadoes wreaked havoc in South Florida on Tuesday evening.

Multiple tornado warnings were issued in the southern part of the Sunshine State as Hurricane Ian moved north toward Florida.

Hurricane Ian Sanibel hits the islandTwitter

At around 7:30 p.m. ET, the National Weather Service issued a warning about a dangerous tornado Broward County.

Intense weather band effect continued South Florida As Hurricane Ian passed on Wednesday fort myersIt is expanding its reach across the state and is expected to last till Thursday.

The storm had a significant impact on Florida’s east coast, flooding Key West streets, throwing migrants overboard, raising king tides in Fort Lauderdale by about a foot above forecast levels, and lowering in Broward County on Tuesday night. At least two tornadoes have formed. , according to National Weather Service.

above Weston, Sunrise, Dewey, Cooper City, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Tornadoes traveled along similar tracks.

Swimmers float in the water while Hurricane Ian hits FloridaTwitter

35 people were left homeless and two were taken to the hospital after being hit by the tornado Kings Point, west of Delray Beach,

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