रेवेन्‍यू में कमी का असर! Xiaomi ने 900 कर्मचारियों को निकाला, जानें कितने भारतीय हुए प्रभावित

Economy uncertainty has affected every sector. Tested incorrectly (Xiaomi). It is reported that the company has cut 900 jobs. Company’s. Information about Xiaomi 32,869 full-time employees employed as of November 30. 30,110 personnel from the atmosphere in the health of the corporation and in India. There were 14,700 employees at the time of the dress and also in the dress. The company has made a total of 900. Really don’t know it.

South️ South️ South️ South is in a dangerous position. In the biggest market in the world, Xiaomi has changed the timing of meals during the season. In such a situation, they appear in the market in the market.

Xiaomi’s President VAT was in a call along with the seasonal earnings that the increase in forex, along with the increase in forex, is widely said to be mixed meteorological. , The investigation has affected them.

How is the sale of Xiaomi’s smartphone 29. The Chinese company’s total spending is related to the company’s match sales falling 20% ​​year over year to $10.31 billion. It is estimated that the corporation’s net has fallen 67 times to 2.08 billion views.

Corporations have to face difficulties in India. In April, exactly the same as in India’s website, Rs 5,551.27 crore. Manu Kumar Jain of the company had this. The security guard works for your security for the administration at the office.

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