Johnny Depp cozied up to new lawyer girlfriend at VA trial

Johnny Depp’s new revelation romantic relationship with your former lawyer joel rich The photos show him apparently hiding in plain sight during a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard earlier this year.

Rich did not represent Depp in that lawsuit, but went to Virginia to support him in court. The two were frequently photographed sharing light-hearted moments, walking in lockstep and exiting the same vehicle.

The actor won a civil trial and awarded damages worth $10 million after a jury found that Heard had damaged his career with baseless misconduct allegations.

Rich, a married mother of two who lives in London, represented the 59-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise film star in her necklace. 2020 defamation lawsuit Against the British tabloid The Star.

Depp and Rich share a smile while watching something on the actor's phone during the smoke break.
Depp and Rich share a smile while watching something on the actor’s phone during a smoke break in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 3.
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Depp and Rich walk down the street
The two were often seen walking lockstep during Depp’s defamation trial.
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Johnny Depp and former lawyer walk out of trial.  The two are now reportedly dating.
Rich did not represent Depp at the trial, but was reportedly there for support.
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Depp and Rich as seen on the move
Rich is a married mother of two children from London who is in the process of getting a divorce.
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A source told US Weekly that Rich, who is reportedly in the process of getting divorced, was under no obligation to attend Depp’s most recent trial, but instead came to show support as their affair heated up.

“There was no professional obligation for him to be there. It was personal,” said the source of the outlet.

Depp’s loving former lawyer is not the first counselor he has been affectionate with.

Earlier this year Depp was rumor to be dating lawyer Camille Vasquezwho represented him in the Hurd case.

And in July, Depp was spotted mingling with his red-haired French teacher in Italy – though pals quickly away Any suggestion the two were romantically linked.

Neither Rich nor Depp’s reps had returned the Post’s request for comment on Thursday.

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