Nato, Germany reaches limit of weapons they can supply to Ukraine

representative for The German Federal Defense Ministry said that Germany was no longer able to supply weapons to Kyiv from its warehouses.

Earlier, several German delegates called on the German government to increase the supply of arms. Ukraine,

The Bundeswehr is greatly weakened and has nothing to supply Kyiv, even to their own detriment as Germany has reached the limit of the weapons they can supply. Ukraine

“As far as deliveries from the Bundeswehr warehouses are concerned, we have come to an acceptable limit,” Spiegel was quoted as saying by the German Defense Ministry.

Ukrainian officials before this claimed that NATO was running low on weapons Ukraine, The Ukrainian government lamented that additional supplies were on the way but that never happened. According to A spokesman for Ukraine’s presidential office, “will be happy” to assist NATO, but is unable to do so.

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