NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attends the International Crimea Platform online summit

Feather TuesdayNATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joins President Volodymyr Zelensky and other international leaders Online Summit of the International Crimea Forum (23.) august 2022). He elaborated on the strong support provided by NATO and its allies. Ukraine,

Mr Stoltenberg said: “Ukraine You’ve suffered six terrifying months of war, but you’ve also shown your incredible ability to resist a brutal invasion – to strike back, recapture territory, and inflict great costs. Russia, NATO stands in solidarity Ukraine, full support of allies Ukraineof sovereignty and territorial integrity, your right to self-defense and the right to choose your own path.”

NATO allies have provided Ukraine with unprecedented military, financial and humanitarian aid. The Secretary-General recalled that NATO greatly increased our support after the illegal annexation of Crimea, so when Russia invaded again on 24 February, “it made the Ukrainian Armed Forces stronger, better trained and better led than in 2014″. helped to do that.”

At the Madrid summit in June, NATO leaders agreed on a strong support package consisting of fuel, food, medical supplies, protective military gear and secure communications, in addition to equipment to deal with mines, drones, chemical and biological threats.

Mr. Stoltenberg said: “We remain committed to our partnership with Ukraine for the long term. We will help Ukraine transition from Soviet-era to NATO-standard equipment, continue to improve your defense and security sector, and combat war. Will help you on your way to post-reconstruction.

At the same time, the Secretary-General said that NATO has strengthened its presence in the east of the coalition “because NATO’s security guarantees leave no room for miscalculation in Moscow and they help the Allies support Ukraine’s right to self-defense.” enables.”

The secretary-general said NATO would stand with Ukraine as long as it felt: “Winter is coming and it will be difficult. And what we are seeing now is a grinding war of escape. It is a battle of will and a battle of logistics. Therefore, we must maintain our support for Ukraine for a long time, so that Ukraine can prevail as an independent independent nation.”

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