Zeldin calls out Hochul’s ‘hypocrisy’ in mandating EVs

Governor Kathy Hochul slammed the government’s Kathy Hochul as a “hypocrite” after promoting New York’s new electric vehicle mandate – citing her frequent trips In gas-guzzling helicopters across the state.

Zeldin shoots after shooting at governor posted a video Owning an electric car on social media Thursday as part of the state’s announcement of a new law requiring all new vehicles to emit zero emissions by 2035.

“The governor posted a picture of her and some electric vehicle on social media an hour ago as if she is not flying a plane or a helicopter to go to that press conference and to take her from the airport to that place. for running her big black suburb. Then the electric vehicle gets in,” Zeldin said on John Katsimatidis’ Friday night radio show.

“I feel like there’s a lot of hypocrisy here on this particular topic.”

Records previously obtained by The Post show that Hochul traveled 140 times in helicopters or planes across the state in the first seven months since taking office last August.

New York’s ambitious zero-emissions mandate came after California last month adopted similar rules to vehicle emissions regulations, which are stricter than the federal standard.

Congressman Lee Zeldin speaking at a news conference.
Rep. Lee Zeldin called on Gov. Kathy Hochul to issue an electric vehicle mandate but fly in private jets.
Stephen Jeremiah for New York Posse
Hochul drives an EV.
Hochul posted a video of himself driving and charging an electric car.
Don Pollard
Hochul speaks at a press conference.
Hochul announced on Friday that all new vehicles need to be zero-emissions by 2035.
Don Pollard

When asked during Friday’s “Cats At Night Show” interview whether New York Democrats had lost their minds in supporting such a bill, Zeldin replied, “Actually they have. They have.” “

The Republican congressman said New York was missing an opportunity to become energy-independent by banning the “safe extraction of natural gas.” Zeldin said lifting the ban would cut energy costs and create new jobs.

“We are all pro-environmentalists,” Zeldin said.

Hochul’s office declined to comment on Zeldin’s remarks.

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