Teen couple killed after semi smashes into jeep in Tennessee

A teenage couple died after a Jeep was T-boned by a semi-truck at a Tennessee intersection Thursday night, police said.

According to a report obtained by police, 18-year-old Austin Moffitt, a former high school football star, was driving the SUV and rolled through a stop sign on Tennessee State Route 28 and John Birch Road near Dunlop before the fatal wreck. Charlotte Observer.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said a 2019 freightliner drove directly into the driver of Moffitt’s car, killing his 19-year-old girlfriend, Alexis McCann.

The truck driver was not injured. He and the teenage couple were all wearing seatbelts.

Moffitt and McCann both graduated from Sequatchie County High School in May.

“Very sorry to hear the news of the loss of a former player and my students,” said a former teacher wrote on Facebook. “Austin Moffitt was such a great young man and player.

“Alexis was such a lovely girl and a great student. She worked very hard. It’s a huge loss to society. They will both be missed by many. Pray for these families.”

Moffitt’s football team is hosting a fundraiser to help with funeral expenses.
Sequatchie County Football/Faceb

“Austin was a wonderful young man and an outstanding football player. He will always be remembered in our hearts. Alexis was his biggest fan,” said the Sequechi County football quarterback club, of which Moffitt was a member. wrote on Facebook.

The football team is accepting donations to help Moffitt’s family cover funeral costs and will host a BBQ in his honor on October 7.

“They where both young and had too much life to live!!” Moffitt. a family friend of wrote on Facebook. “We will miss you friend!!!”

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