Duke and Duchess Meghan Markle and Harry could be victims of a sophisticated Bling Ring-style criminal gang

nO in this world free from crime, Duke Harry And Meghan Markle No exception, Santa Barbara County, California, where he resides, is threatened by a bling ring-style criminal gang.

Santa Barbara County Police installed six security cameras in Montecito where the Duke and Duchess live in a $14 million mansion.

Montecito Association Told that cameras would be installed in response to criminal acts taking place in the area.

Added warning: “These crimes are being committed by sophisticated theft gangs.”

There is also a mansion in Montecito: Adam Levine, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston among others.

what is bling ring gang

Five teens, four women and one man, walking a fine line obsessed with fame, money and “likes” on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

thanks to the media, they knew what Paris Hilton,Lindsey lohan Or Orlando Bloom was on a trip and took the opportunity to “play a celebrity.” Young people from affluent families in Los Angeles searched Google Maps for the addresses of celebrities’ homes. And between parties and nightclubs, he made time to sneak into the mansion.

He tried on clothes, jewelry, shoes and took some “souvenirs”. He was alleged to have received a haul value $3,000,000 in cashTechnology, perfumes and exclusive designer clothing.

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