अंतरिक्ष में यह कौन बोल रहा? Nasa ने रिलीज किया ऑडियो, आप भी सुनें

Specifically observed (NASA). For this scene is going through the chain (human ear). According to the plug, it is in the Perseus Joint Gas Cluster (Perseus Galaxy Cluster) plus years away. … Black Movie This is also how sound (vacuum) travels.

As of note, the following one is the computer on the SOAPNETs @NASAexoplanets accounting that it is the misconception that there are none in space. There is a space (vacuum) in particular spaces, the way friends (sound waves) get into orbit. Appears in space like in space. ,

In this season it will by no means happen. It’s brand new. There is a choking and moaning sound in the video. It’s really tempting, like it’s hot for sex. It’s improving the sound.

The Sun is imaged by Chandra’s X-ray Observatory (Chandra X-ray Observatory). To do this for the first time.

The same can be seen in the case of failure in electric light. It is divided that it is scattered. It is at a distance of 160,000 years from Earth. Light this way can kill once again in 9.5 years.

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