Massachusetts man Johan Rodriguez used Uber to deliver fentanyl: US Attorney’s Office

According to federal prosecutors, a Massachusetts man ordered officers to drive him across state lines to deliver fentanyl to an Uber before officers eliminated his potential drop-off.

Johan Rodriguez, 37, reportedly used a ride-sharing service to travel from Lawrence, Massachusetts, to Dover, New Hampshire. According to the US Attorney’s Office For the New Hampshire District.

Prosecutors said Rodriguez is accused of attempting to deliver ten kilograms of the deadly drug to a Lawrence-based drug supplier.

The journey between the two New England cities takes about an hour and is about 50 miles.

Rodriguez allegedly grabbed a toolbox and tool bag from the trunk of the vehicle while boarding an Uber in his New Hampshire home on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said law enforcement stopped him as he walked to the door. The US Attorney’s Office said that when officers searched the toolbox, they seized 10 kg of fentanyl, which was packaged in separate bundles.

U.S. Attorney Jane E. Young said Rodriguez is facing a conspiracy to dispense and distribute fentanyl.

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