जुलाई 2022 में बिकने वाले टॉप 10 स्कूटर, Activa ने मारी बाजी और Ntorq और Dio रहे पीछे

Today we tell you in 2022. Total Word 10 scooter sales in the class of 4,29,433 units in June 2022, up 27.53 percent from 3,36,728 units in July 2021. This 92,705… Honda Activa in November 2022 is again the fastest in India. It is ahead of the rest of the model with 49.79 percent.

Honda Activa sales stood at 2,31,807 units in November 2022. It was 50,851 units, compared to Activa’s 49.79 percent. The other scooters in the list made 2K 15,626 Yunx of this commerce sale. Any other model on the list was going to cross 65,000 units of data.

9 in term 10 scooters and 1 electric

The fan number was TV Julpit, Joint’s sales points of 62,094 units, up 62.51 percent from players’ points of 38,209 units in June 2021. The subject scored 23,885 marks, in this list was 14.46 percentile.

Number 3 Suzuki Access charges 41,440 units from 11.80 per cent in November 2022, down from 46,985 units in July 2021. The Suzuki Access 125 is priced at $78,300 billion and $86,200 billion.

Honda Dio pledges 75.83 percent on sales basis to 36,229 units, up from 20,604 units in June 2021. This date with the numeral 8.44 is in the amount of 15,625 units.

TVS Ntorq sold 24,367 units with a share of minus 1.60 per cent in July 2022, up from 23,983 units in July 2021, similar to the sales base of TVS Ntorq. Hero Pleasure has taken care of 12,993 units from the year 26.65. This is down from 17,713 units in July 2022, 2021.

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