“Ukraine has inspired the world with its bravery and fight against aggression.”

Thanks for your time, sir.

i appreciate DiCarlo, Secretary General and Under Secretary General for his briefing on behalf of the United Kingdom. We cordially invite President Zelensky to today’s meeting.

Violation of the United Nations Charter, Russia attack Ukraine six months ago without provocation when This The council was meeting late at night to try to prevent the disaster.

Ukraine The months that followed have endured the full horrors of war.

As we learned today, thousands of people have been killed or injured.

Currently, more than 17 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Medical facilities, schools and hospitals have been attacked. Russian violations of international humanitarian law have become common. Additionally, there have been claims of torture, brutal treatment, and arbitrary imprisonment. Russia,

Children from Ukraine who have been forcibly deported to Russia. More than 6 million people are refugees outside UkraineAnd 6 million more are internally displaced.
The casualties of this conflict are not limited to the people of Ukraine.

Beyond Ukraine’s borders, Putin’s actions have had a terrifying effect on the world’s most defenseless people, with millions worldwide affected by rising food and gasoline prices.

We once again acknowledge the effort of the Secretary-General to negotiate the Black Sea Grain Initiative with Turkey.

Today, there are rumors that Russia is preparing to use a false referendum to illegally annex additional land from Ukraine, which would be another violation of the UN Charter.
Any such attempt will not be successful.

After all, Russia has lied, used misinformation to make excuses, undermine Ukrainian sovereignty, hide reality, and hide atrocities during its unlawful invasion.

Additionally, it would serve as additional evidence of Russia’s disregard for the concepts of territorial integrity and sovereignty. principles which we have all agreed to respect as member states of our organization.
Ukraine declared its independence on this day in 1983, with over 90% Ukrainians voting in favor of the president.

This pride in the nationality and sovereignty of Ukraine still exists today.

As the people of Ukraine struggle to defend their country against Russia’s attack on their national sovereignty and right to self-determination, we have all witnessed their bravery and creativity. The struggle in Ukraine is a struggle for the principles of the United Nations Charter. It is the responsibility of every member of this House to accept this. The world has been shaken by this fight because of its bravery and resistance in the face of violence.

Therefore, on this day of Ukrainian independence, we stand in solidarity with the country of Ukraine and its brave citizens, who continue to thwart Russian attempts to forcibly redraw international borders.
We once again demand that Russia quickly withdraw its troops from Ukraine. And we demand that Russia be held fully accountable for its crimes.

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