वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड तोड़ने से ठीक पहले क्रैश हुआ अमेरिकी ड्रोन Zephyr

After completing more than two times, after a single charge, when it would charge the battery, it would have done the same. The Zephyr S spent a total of 64 days in the season and it is so far complete. It fails only after the manned aircraft has failed to take off. Aircraft company Airbus Development, multiplied by the type of aircraft flying in the stratosphere.

Nevertheless, a Watts of ordinary flying, on August 19, averaged . In case the Zephyr S’s first air test test time is longer, than this time around.

Even after the time expired. t ta ta yauraun rayr and rayriki kasa ne kasak se kaynamanauma ik kay ik kay ik kay kay kaynay mandala kaynay mandala kaynay yasama yasama yasaur yasaur yasaur yasaur yasaur yasabay tasama tasama tasama tasama tayasa taya sa taya suitable for calculation.

With a wingspan of 75 and a weight of 166, the -Lite has the potential for maximum altitude temperatures. It will be better than electric powered by lightning effect.

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