Greece Extra 5 Evening Results Monday 3 October 2022

Greece Extra 5 Evenings Result: Greece Xtra 5 Evening Draw won on Monday 3 October 2022 at 14:00. newest Greece Extra 5 Evenings The draw failed to produce a jackpot winner on Monday 3 October 2022.


Additional 5 Results 2022

Greece Extra 5 Evenings payment

Greece Extra Evening was drawn on 11 July 2021 at 14:00 to produce a winner In part one (five correct numbers). If there was a winner, how much would the lucky punter get? €50 000.00 (R843 564.40),

were there Two The winner in Division Two (four perfect numbers), who went on with a consolation sum €125.00 (R2 108.91, each.

Division three (three perfect numbers), produced 114 Winner, who walked away with a very consoling amount €5.00 (R84.36 .), each.

next Greece Extra 5 To make a picture

next Greece Extra 5 Jackpot stands at standard amount €50 000.00 (R843 564.40) and the next draw will be held on Wednesday 31 5 August 2022 Feather 18:00,

How to play?

Step: 01 – Filling in the Playslip
OPAP’s retail shops transmit Playslip data via terminals to the company’s central data-processing center. For example, to participate in the draw of the game Greece Extra 5The following steps should be followed:

– single column
– Full System (Full Development System)
– multiplier
– lucky shower
– Consistent / Future Draw

Step: 02 – Handing over the completed Playslip and Verification of Participation Receipt

You hand over the completed playslip to the OPAP agent and as it is verified through the terminal, a receipt is printed as proof of your participation. Upon receipt of this Participation Receipt, you should verify that it is valid and contains all data relevant to the specific Partnership. It is the player’s responsibility to crosscheck their selections with those printed on the receipt to make sure they match. If there is any difference between the play slip and the receipt, you have to inform the agent.

Step: 3 – Checking the Playslip for the Win

on completion Extra5 Draw, You compare the winning column with your predictions to see if you are the holder of the winning playslip. It will be convenient for you to use the special “ticket checkers” installed in each OPAP retail outlet or you can always ask for assistance from an OPAP agent. Placeslips can also be checked by entering the OPAP website and selecting Hint.Find the win”,

You can either use the company’s application “Find Wins Based on Ticket Prediction”Where you enter your predictions, or applications “Victory Check”where you enter the data of your participation receipt, or even select the option “autonomous sorting program”which is provided free of cost on our website.

You can be informed directly about the winnings related to each EXTRA5 prize level using the table on the back of the playslip, where the winning coefficients per prize level and per game type are shown; Alternatively, you can also be informed through official announcements or through an OPAP agency.

Step 4: Redeem the winnings

The winnings are redeemed upon presentation of the participation receipt to the authorized OPAP SA retail outlets(agencies). Winnings are paid either at the retail store, where the payment receipt is also printed, or at an associate bank upon production of a printed payment request from the retailer’s terminal, based on the limit defined by OAPAP SA.

In accordance with applicable law, the proportionate tax is withheld directly by OPAP SA on the payment of winnings.

award level

award level shares
1 5 € 50,000 *
2 4 125
3 3 5
  • In each draw, full amount paid to the winners of 1scheduled tribe award level cannot exceed the amount of € 500,000,
  • If 1. the winner ofscheduled tribe award level in a draw 10. are more thanso the maximum amount €500,000 The shares are distributed based on the number of winners.

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