13 ways to make store-bought pie look homemade

Make an herb-infused caramel sauce to give a savory touch to a store-bought pie.

A drizzle of caramel can make your dish look better.

Professional baker and winner of TLC’s “Cake Boss: Next Great Baker” Dana Herbert advises Insider that the finished pie should be topped with an herb-infused caramel sauce.

Herbert suggests adding cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, ginger, or cardamom to the hot caramel sauce and serving with the pie. Even typically savory herbs can pair well with sweet treats.

Herbert suggests closing your eyes and smelling the herb or spice to determine if it will blend well with your pie. If you find something sweet in the fragrance, then it is definitely safe to use.

To make your store-bought pie look handmade, remove it from its wrapper.

Remove your pie from its box so it doesn’t look pre-made.

According to Alexandra Lourdes, co-owner of St. Honoré Donuts & Beignets, the quickest way to upcycle a store-bought pie is to remove it from its original packaging.

“Be sure to remove it from its packaging,” Lourdes instructed. if you place Put it in a new box, add a ribbon, and arrange it on a gorgeous cake stand no one will know it wasn’t crafted from scratch.

Pour a spoonful of lemon curd over blueberry or cherry pie.

You can either prepare lemon curd yourself or get it from the store.

The addition of lemon flavor can enrich and enhance the taste of ready-made berries pie.

“Make a tart lemon curd with lemon juice and lots of zest,” instructs Herbert. The tartness will cut through some of the excessive sweetness seen in blueberry and cherry pies sold in stores.

If you don’t have time to make your own lemon curd, you can get it from the supermarket and add some fresh lemon juice and rind to it.

Use salt to balance overly sweet sweets.

Adding salt can prevent the pie from becoming overly sweet.

Carlo Lamagna, chef and owner of Magna PDX, told Insider that adding salt to syrupy pies can reduce their sweetness.

“Salt enhances flavor and often balances out very sweet foods,” Lamagna said.

If you don’t want to sprinkle pure salt on your dessert, you can use crushed salty nuts, such as peanuts or cashews, to achieve the same effect and add texture.

melt cheese on yourself Apple-pie crust.

For a Midwestern twist, apple pie can be topped with cheese.

If you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, Lamagna suggests adding shredded or shredded cheese to a typical store-bought apple pie.

“Growing up in the Midwest, we always melted a chunk of cheddar on apple pie,” explained Lamagna. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual flavor combinations.

The secret to a successful cheesy apple pie is moderation; If you add too much cheese, the crust will become greasy and salty.

Serve your pie with whipped cream made from scratch.

Only heavy cream and powdered sugar are needed to make whipped cream.

Chef and sommelier Melissa Smith told Insider that combining pre-made pies with freshly whipped cream is a great way to enhance the flavor and appearance of the dessert.

“Pipe whipped cream over the pie if you have a whisk, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and a piping bag,” Smith said. It usually appears trendy and sophisticated, like something from a fashion magazine.

Smith suggests garnishing the piped cream with some edible gold flakes or a scattering of citrus zest for extra points.

A thin sprinkle of powdered sugar is a quick way to embellish a pie.

Adding powdered sugar to a pie enhances its appearance and sweetness.

You can use a tablespoon of powdered sugar in place of whipping your own fresh cream.

“A slight sprinkle of powdered sugar can make your pie more flavorful if it is served naked and straight from the jar,” Smith said.

Use a sieve to guarantee an even coating of sugar and a stencil to create clean, distinctive designs for a flawless presentation.

Add handwritten text on top to add a personal touch.

On store-bought pies, piping frosting can be a nice touch.

Staniela R. Nikolova/Shuttershock

Even if your pie was purchased from the grocery store, that doesn’t mean it should look normal.

“I’ll put in a handwritten letter to personalize the pie,” Lourdes said. “Gold flakes or edible edible glitter can also be added to make a statement.”

You can add your desired sentence using simply icing, but Lourdes also recommends using silicone molds to make the chocolate letters.

Add ice cream for a pleasant temperature combination.

The ice cream pairs well with the traditionally served hot pies.

Adding a scoop of high-quality ice cream to a pie for hot consumption can enhance its flavor.

“Hot and cold dishes are a dynamic combination,” commented Cabrera. “Serve the pie with a substantial scoop of slow-churned ice cream as a delightful dessert after reheating.”

Cabrera saw you can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream, but you can also opt for a sorbet or a rich chocolate flavor.

Make your dessert a pie milkshake.

You can add leftover pie to make a milkshake.

AP/Larry Crowe

If you have a blender, you can make a delicious milkshake with leftover or slightly stale pie.

“Mix a quarter of the pie with vanilla ice cream and milk,” instructs Smith. “Be sure to pulse it a bit so you end up with pie bits instead of a perfectly smooth mixture.”

To make this drink easier to swallow, serve it with an extra-wide straw that pie pieces can pass through. For added flavor and enjoyment, you can also add a splash of whiskey or flavored liqueur.

Adding bacon bits to a pie gives it a savory kick.

Adding bacon to your pie can provide a delightful mix of sweet and savory flavors.


If you enjoy the combination of salty and sweet flavors, adding a light dusting of bacon pieces to your pie can be a tasty option.

“The best way to enhance an apple or peach pie is to cook your favorite bacon and sprinkle it on top,” Herbert said.

Herbert recommends using bourbon-flavored bacon to add savory flavor to pecan pie for a Southern-inspired dessert.

Fruit should be added to the cream pie.

Different fruits pair well with different pie flavors.

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You can add texture and color by topping the Dull Cream Pie with chopped fresh fruits.

Lamagna instructs, “Find a fruit that complements the cream pie you choose.” Cherries are most commonly paired with chocolate cream, while coconut pairs well with banana cream.

Peaches with vanilla cream, raspberries with lemon cream, and bananas with peanut-butter cream are more delicious combinations.

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