समुद्र तल में मिला 8.5 किलोमीटर चौड़ा गड्ढा, 6.6 करोड़ साल पहले हुई घटना का चला पता

In the future too, to do so (asteroids). Large, too, because the Earth’s mass was in the same period as Mars. It was wrong to return from Maj. Commit to confirm once again. Although it is being proved. Looks like Height was the first time this happened. Because this crater is 400 away from the coast of Ghani (Guinea) of South Africa and 400 meters below sea level.

Estimate ‘Journal’ is published in. Such can expect, as expected if they are apt to do so. It is estimated that this event will occur 66 miles (66 million) for the first time. When it’s changed in the future, it must have put an end to it.

… Watts said that the crater is made of 500 to 400 meters of batten in the Watts battery. It is going to be generated by a massive sound that is 6.5 or 6. Research suggests that the energy produced by the collision of the asteroid will be about 1000 times greater than the volcanic eruption in the Sea of ​​Tonga in January this year. Of course it’s free. To get more information.

When they are bad, they are bad. 8.5 is used for translation of upgrade fish. It is said that the pit will be equal to the time it is wrong, when it is green, it will be at the right time.

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