Former FBI profiler thinks University of Idaho killer is a ‘young man’

the murderer who brutally killed four University of Idaho Students Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente said the prospect is a “young” man and a first-time killer. Clemente, a criminal behavior expert and former New York state prosecutor, confides in the person who killed 21 year old Kaylee GoncalvesEthan Chapin, 20, Zanna Kernodle, 20, and Madison … Read more

Plans reveal layout of house where killer knifed University of Idaho students

The killer of four University of Idaho students likely chased her through several rooms over two floors in her home and slipped through a sliding door in a knife rampage, records indicate. The floor plan of the house where the slain students lived shows two bedrooms on the third floor and two more on the … Read more

‘City pays millions for migrants, but won’t help us’

New York will pay hundreds of millions for migrants pouring into the city since crossing the US-Mexico border — and Daniel Barber, for one, is disgusted. “The city is going to shell out a lot of money for these people who aren’t even citizens, but they forgot about the people who live in public housing,” … Read more

Chesapeake Walmart shooter Andre Bing feuded with coworkers

Gunman named in Walmart shooting The man who killed six in Virginia was a “troublemaker” who was known to quarrel with co-workers and had a “hostile” attitude. Andre Bing was saved by a new employee, according to Brianna Taylor, the store’s overnight team lead, who started working for the Chesapeake store about two months ago … Read more

Police find no evidence slain University of Idaho student had stalker

Police officials have been unable to confirm reports that one of the University of Idaho students killed, a 21-year-old Kaylee GoncalvesThere was a hunter. The Moscow Police Department said, “Investigators have comprehensively looked into the information received about Kaylee Goncalves being a stalker.” said in an update As of Tuesday night in the course of … Read more

Florida man Zachary Sibert tries to evade police by ‘playing frogger’ across busy interstate

A Florida man ran into oncoming traffic on one of the state’s busiest highways in an attempt to avoid pursuing police officers during a traffic stop. According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, Zachary Siebert was allegedly driving at 110 mph and driving with a suspended license when he “decided to play Frogger”. In Video … Read more

Matthew Mahrer, who made threats against NYC synagogue, is Jewish, kin of a Holocaust survivor: lawyer

His lawyer claimed in court on Saturday that one of two men accused of plotting attacks on New York City synagogues is Jewish and the grandson of a Holocaust survivor. Matthew Mahrer, 22, was ordered to be held on $150,000 bail in Manhattan Criminal Court on a charge of criminal possession of a weapon, although … Read more

Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks claims his words are worth ‘a pretty penny’

The maniac who killed six people by ramming a car into the Waukesha Christmas parade tried to squeeze Post for money during a bizarre prison interview. just two days ago he was sentenced Brooks hid from an iPad camera inside his cell at the Waukesha County Jail during a video “televisit” with The Post on … Read more

Slain University of Idaho students had ‘defensive wounds’: police

some of the University of Idaho Students Those found murdered on their beds had defensive wounds, police confirmed late Friday. The latest details in the gruesome crime were determined through autopsies conducted Thursday, which found no signs of sexual assault on any of the victims, according to the Moscow Police Department, which posted the findings … Read more

Courtney Clenney blew over $1M after stabbing Christian Obumseli

She ran away with the money. The Post has learned that OnlyFans model Courtney Clancy bought a luxurious Texas home from her parents for $1.35 million shortly after fatally stabbing her boyfriend in Miami. clennie OnlyFans’ revenue dropped by $3 million Up for grabs on June 17 is a 3,080-square-foot hillside Austin house with a … Read more