Savannah Graziano witnessed father kill her mother: police

teenage girl killed with his father His father killed his mother in a shootout with California police on Tuesday, officials said Thursday. Savannah Graziano, 15, was sitting in the back of her father’s pickup truck the moment she stepped outside and shot and killed her mother, Tracy Martinez, Fontana police said. Investigators had previously assumed … Read more

Unclear if Savannah Graziano was abducted by father Anthony Graziano

A teenage girl’s officers originally believed she was abducted by her father before the two were killed in a shootout with California police, police said Wednesday. Anthony Graziano and his daughter, Savannah Graziano, were living together outside the father’s pickup truck and hotels before the fatal shooting on Interstate 15 in Hesperia on Tuesday, according … Read more

47 deputies barred from active duty for failing psych evaluations

According to a report, about 50 sheriff’s deputys in California were barred from active duty on Friday because they failed their psychological evaluations since 2016 — and they should never have been hired. In all, 47 Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies – about 5% of the 1,000-man force – were released from active duty and their … Read more

Hunter Biden’s lawyer allegedly spied on ‘My Son Hunter’ set: complaint

The State of California is Investigating an Ethics Complaint Against the Bar Hunter Biden’s Lawyer and “Sugar Brother” Kevin Morris By Filmmaker Felim McAleer – Who Wants The Wealthy Malibu Lawyer To Be Sacked Allegedly infiltrating the set of his film “My Son Hunter” Using false pretenses to gather information about the first son. In … Read more

Teen girl, fugitive father killed in shootout with Cali police

A 15-year-old girl and her fugitive father who kidnapped her died Tuesday in a highway shootout with police in California, officials said. Savannah Graziano was running to the San Bernardino County Sheriff in tactical gear as officers shot his father, Anthony John Graziano, who is wanted for the murder of Savannah’s mother. San Bernardino County … Read more

Los Angeles officials demand audit on homelessness count

Los Angeles City officials are challenging the latest official homeless count over accuracy concerns. Los Angeles homeless services The authority (LAHSA) released the results of the 2022 homeless count on September 8, saying the data suggested “homelessness is increasing more slowly than in previous years.” Results from point-in-time counts conducted over three nights in February … Read more

California man allegedly plotted ‘Las Vegas-style’ mass shooting

A California man was arrested on Sunday for plotting a “Las Vegas-style” mass shooting and threatening to kill police, police said. According to a police statement, 37-year-old Dallas Marsh was taken into custody by SWAT officers at a Super 8 motel in Chico after detectives obtained evidence of his conspiracy. The evidence included unspecified information … Read more

Feds misled judge who OK’d warrant for $86M safety deposit raid in Beverly Hills

The FBI and the US Attorney’s Office Mislead a Judge Who Issued Warrants a controversial raid at a Beverly Hills security deposit company, which disclosed $86 million in cash and millions of other assets, according to a new report. A senior FBI agent recently testified that central to the plan, and it was not disclosed … Read more

Sherri Papini sobbed when confronted with evidence of her kidnapping hoax

sherry papini, California mother sentenced for forgery of kidnapping To run away with a former love interest and then spend years collecting victims’ aid money, begging her husband and the police not to pursue charges against one of her fake kidnappers, before they finally hatch her plan. Face her with the truth: her kidnappers did … Read more