Sherri Papini sobbed when confronted with evidence of her kidnapping hoax

sherry papini, California mother sentenced for forgery of kidnapping To run away with a former love interest and then spend years collecting victims’ aid money, begging her husband and the police not to pursue charges against one of her fake kidnappers, before they finally hatch her plan. Face her with the truth: her kidnappers did … Read more

Sherri Papini slapped with 18-month prison sentence for kidnap hoax

California “Super Mom” ​​Joe pretended to kidnap himself And lied for years about being kidnapped and tortured by a pair of Hispanic women, sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison. 40-year-old Sherry Papini was blasted by US District Judge William Shub as a “molestation” before serving a severe sentence. The cheater – who was dubbed … Read more