Vytjie Mentor is dead

Herman Mashba, ActionSA leader said former senior ANC MLA Vyattji Mentor passed away Tuesday She was 58 in the morning after a long illness.

“Vitaji was ill for some time and his family called us This To inform us in the morning that he died of the disease after being hospitalized for several months,” he said in a statement.

Teacher was one of the first politicians to appear during the capture of the kingdom, where he described in detail how former President Jacob Zuma tried to recruit him as an obedient minister through the Gupta family. However, he gave conflicting testimony before the Commission of Inquiry.

She was a member of the ANC and chaired the Committee on Occupations of the State. Mentor joined ActionSA about two years ago, after leaving the ACDP to become the Western Cape president of the organization.

Mashaba said: “She was a true patriot who served her country despite the criticisms.”

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