Ola की पहली इलेक्ट्रिक कार प्रीमियम फीचर्स के साथ होगी लैस, 40-50 लाख रुपये होगी कीमत

Ola Electric has launched, which is charged in 2024. Visit the first 4 hahars of the corporation once for a maximum of 500 kms. It monitors the management 100 per hour within 0 to 4. The electric car information will be teased once the date of change in Ola’s operational status is fixed, once it is operational. One in this country is based on quality. The electric with the Ola Lightning also had the electric battery faster in the EVE. The deal recently introduced its new S1 electric scooter, the deal price is Rs 99,999.

According to Coke’s economic situation, the cost of electricity will be between $40-50 million, according to the co-offershaw agreement. That’s “Ola’s products from 1 million to 40-50 million. Efficient in air

With the Ola S1 commissioning on August 15th, it will still power on in 2024 if it is turned on even after it is turned on. It is made in India and has been modified. It measures 0-100 per hour in under 4 seconds. It ends at a distance of over 500 to complete once. Ivypipe in ft. This company works on the big day. Suffers from psychosis and also likes alternatives. To implement the variant to implement with electricity, Ola teamed up with Electric with Electric to implement the Ola S1.

New Ola S1 Relocation of Ola S1 Pro from 2021. In Revised Weather Conditions, Latest Updated, Revised Updated and Revised. This applies to MoveOS 2. The Cafe City of Ola S1 is 3KWh. Divination 95 antigen. What is this 141 km sound sound and 101 very general idea.

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