WhatsApp ने भारत में बैन किए 24 लाख एकाउंट्स

Posting service WhatsApp has made permanent permanent posting in India up to 24 lakhs in November. WhatsApp, which applies thickness-wise, has banned $1.4 million and has done the same for ins. Social media Social media Facebook and Instagram posted posts posted in India. WhatsApp Confusing itself So Posted in. During the process of disease management … Read more

WhatsApp में मिल सकते हैं ऑनलाइन स्टेटस छिपाने और एडमिन डिलीट जैसे फीचर्स

Whatsapp had also published such news. Check and update online status as included. To work on this type of feature, you have to see the online status. Optional can be alternated between two. See back and forth from particular person to person eg. , align phone The group others have been selected to join the … Read more

Facebook और Instagram ने जुलाई में भारत में 2.7 करोड़ पोस्ट्स हटाई

Social media posts were posted. These proximal diseases are near meta. Meta has outlined that a dangerous regular follower can be followed like social media. Explained the process of fixing the process of meta nexus. ️ Report Strengthening of IT Roles, 2021 So News in News Posted in News. Post to Blog 1.73 Hearth speech … Read more

मात्र 49 रुपये में डाटा, कॉलिंग के साथ BSNL का धाकड़ प्रीपेड प्लान, Airtel और Jio भी नहीं देते ऐसे फायदे

If you are looking for a prepaid plan in the budget of Rs 50-60, then we are telling you about the prepaid plans of three private telecom companies and one government-owned telecom company in the market. Yes, 49 people of BSNL were knowledgeable. G H in C I C. 49 vector of BSNL: There is … Read more

28 लाख रुपये में बिका 15 साल पुराना iPhone, Apple-1 सर्किट बोर्ड के मिले 5.41 करोड़

Apple iPhones prices are high in the world. It is the dream of the callers in the world to buy a phone, with low budget phones, easy benefits for everyone. , G h ️ Blog $ 28 million billion, yes that too a 28 year old model. It’s too expensive for a 15 year old. … Read more