Shanquella Robinson’s friend has an arrest warrant after her death in Cabo San Lucas

aabout a month later shankella robinson died During a vacation she was taken to the local prosecutor’s office in Cabo San Lucas issued an arrest warrant against her alleged assailant, who was believed to A friend of the lady.

Local prosecutor, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, gave an update on the case and explained that Shankela’s The death on October 29 was a feminism, a gender based murder and a hate crime.

they’ve tracked down the alleged culprit of her death

“The matter is perfectly clear, even a Arrest warrant issued in the crime of female slaughter against the victim and an alleged offender against one of her friends, who is the direct aggressor, In fact, it was not a quarrel but a straight aggression,” Anaya said.

“We are completing all the relevant procedures, such as Interpol alerts and extradition requests to the United States, We’re dealing with two Americans, victim and perpetrator,” He added.

The identity of the attacker has not been revealed

Shankella Robinson arrives in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate her birthday at the end of October, the day before his death. She arrived with six friends, one of whom is Allegedly responsible for the murder.

Shankella’s death certificate shows that he died of severe spinal cord injury and atlas subluxation complexNervous system dysfunction due to misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae, Alcohol is not mentioned on the death certificate.

The document also states that the time between his injury and death was approximately 15 minutes. The box asking whether his death was “accidental or violent” was answered in the affirmative.According to WSOC-TV.

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