Who Is Santi Millan? Spanish Actor Reacts To Intimate Video Being Leaked

As a result of receiving a personal video, the general public is now paying attention to Spanish star Santi Milan. An intimate clip of him in the video was confirmed and people speculated as to what it could mean.

The video, which was released to the public on June 19, has created a lot of trouble as it states that the woman in the video is not his wife. Within no time, the clip quickly spread on social media as well.

However, when this article surfaced, it was not clear how the private video got on social media.

Leaking personal information is against the law and the person doing so can be imprisoned from three months to a year.

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Santi Milan responded on the information of the leaked video?

Santi Milan has said what he thinks about the situation, and is deeply disturbed by what is happening. Star would not comment on the video, but said that leaking personal information is wrong and against the law.

“I’m not going to say anything. I don’t want to tell you how to deal with problems, but I want to tell you that a crime has been committed.”

Shanti Milan, in her brief speech, also said that she did not understand how the law worked and did not want to discuss the situation further.

Rosa Olucha, who married Santi Milan, also had something to say. She took to her Instagram story, where she shared several pictures and said something. He told the people that his partner had suffered a loss.

Olucha told her fans that she was doing great, but that they should be terrified of her husband. He also said that it was Milan who had hurt his privacy.

Olucha also thought the same way as her husband. She told her Instagram followers that Milan’s privacy has been breached, which means that whoever did it broke the law.

Everything you wanted to know about entertainer Senti Milan

Santi Milan is a well-known name in the Spanish film industry. He was born in September 1968 and went to Barcelona to review the Colegio del Teatro.

Until 1989, Milan was a member of La Cubana, a Spanish theater group. He was in the theater group for ten years and received an element on La Costa Nostra in 1999. Within the TV show Periodistus, he played the role of Pep in 2002.

Milán has also appeared in TV shows such as “La Litima Noche,” “Siete Vidas,” “Una Otra Cosa,” and “Divinos,” which lasted only 2 episodes before being canceled. He has worked in films like Amor Idiota, De qui si, and Vivancos 3.

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In 2015, Santi Milan got a job specializing in buying internet hosting in Spain, and they’ve accomplished a stellar job ever since. He occasionally works as an actor in motion pictures, and he also maintains his job as an anchor on TV.

Milan married TV producer and actress Rosa Olucha in 2009. They have two children collectively, Ratt and Mark.


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