190 मिलियन डॉलर की चोरी के बाद एथिकल हैकर्स ने Nomad के लिए वसूले 9 मिलियन डॉलर

Block’s new technology as an AT of PeckShield, ATKT Hackers Height Hackers, as a new product of high class weather protected by node, is based on code belonging to corporation. starting to do. In total, the United Arab Emirates is $ 9 million billion (about $ 71 million), which is $ 4.75 billion of the deficit. After being published on Nomad, the dreaded latter would be published over $190 (Rs 1,505 crore).

The Etherscan counterpart shows that $1.2 million worth of coins have been found so far. $75 in Tether, $2 ($158 million) in Tether, $1.4M ($11B) in Covalent Query Search, and $1.2MIL (9.5B) in Frax.

The person identified in the identity has identified the identity. However, when they change, they are activated to protect Nomad’s funds, when they are activated, they will be activated once again.

Hypothesis guesses what’s in the three major adresses? 10 percent of inkers have ENS domain addresses and these people are likely to be 6 lakh (475 million). the itinerant team

Nomad had so far asked for receipt of over Rs 20 lakhs ( Rs 158 crores).

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