200 मेगापिक्सल कैमरा के साथ आएगा Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra An undeclared ISOCELL HP2 The player with the best rating of 208 44 Better. is that it has 200 on it, then it applies first, as if it falls under the category of 200, ISOCELL is HP1, superior is 200 HP company, ISOC is and so on, as assets has been determined. was introduced in June.

Effective S23 with 200 effective weather to effectively implement high impact, effective in strong weather so it can insert up to 200 ISOCEL HP2 camera. It is further said that the size of this will be 0.60μm. Worth noting is that typed is what is typed. Also offered 200 ISOCELL HP3 images with the smallest 0.56μm in size at the largest size.

a kturauraura t gone kasabauri rgbw rgbw rgbw rgbw picthan kaytama kayta kabata kayta kayta kayta kay kkkk OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER OFFER It also claims that to implement 8K video, the top of the tape is 33.5 lashing and the ISOCELL HP2 has 34.6 lashing fixtures. It can do 8K 60fps or 8K HDR individually. In such a situation, 8K 60fps video can be attractive in Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This feature is suitable for you as Samsung offers Plays and as soon as you get the feature, this feature is suitable for your work. Samsung saw that as shown on KIPRIS and TMView.

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