1450mAh बैटरी, FM रेडियो के साथ Nokia 8210 4G फीचर फोन लॉन्च, जानें कीमत

Nokia 8210 4G feature phone launched in India. In new different different different chats. Powered by Unisoc T107 battery, the Nokia 8210 has 48MB and 128MB on board. Dual dimensional, up to 32GB battery, removable battery and 0.3 ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ The Nokia 8210 has FM built-in as well as MP3 player. There’s a conversation of 1450mAh with the new features. This is a one time limit limit 27 life time time:

Nokia 8210 4G in India

The price of Nokia 8210 in India is Rs 3,999. Introducing it in rabairachak bhun r and rasaut tomorrow Cine India website and mejon infection may occur. Service together with telephone.

Specific Permission of Nokia 8210 4G

The Nokia 8210 is functional with 4G functional-even (Nano) and supports 30+ systems. The new phone supports 3.8-inch QVGA and is powered by Unisoc T107 SoC. The telephone has 128MB of RAM and 48MB of seating. The process of executing these actions should be modified to 32GB.

Nokia 8210 4G Implemented Actions have been implemented. It also supports FM radio and MP3 player along with more video modes. The M is a 3.5mm micro-USB. This feature of Nokia has been given in the phone V5. This is test like snake, test, test with test, test. recorded on the telephone. Enlies, new new new technologies

The 1,450mAh battery in the Nokia 8210 4G, this 4G mobile phone is claimed to be live for 6 minutes. Weight of the load 107 grams.

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