Kerala Savari : देश में पहली बार केरल सरकार ला रही ओला-उबर जैसी कैब सर्विस

Online Internet Service Providers chat, Ola and now the government is also available in this area. Over and over again in the country himself examined himself. Being connected means that the Kijans will have the option of communication in the area of ​​​​service during the season of hail and Kerala weather. is already starting. Its kask of kbastaur are, vis vis t vis t vis vis t vis

Kerala (Kerala Savari) name service

According to the work of the beginning of this service, named ‘Kelly lightning’. This is an online meeting service. To charge to charge to charge to charge.

Kerala is the first place in the country to start the service

The country will be the first to launch the service. Kerala Publications Education and Labor Minister V.V. The field of external welfare consists of those areas that are located in the field. They did install for ‘quatik’ service along with ‘quatik’ service.

safe for women

V Shivankutty has monthly ‘Ke Baale’ feature and a safe system for women. This app has been designed with utmost care. There is a choice in the application if the car is potential or other types of potential hazards. This project is enforced by the Workers’ Welfare Board, legal system, by force in nature. Infrastructure and investments have been made to strengthen the project.

Start service from 17th August

Kerala (Kerala Savari) starts from 17th August. It is the first day of Chamingam. The process of Kanakkunnu was organized.

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