Daily Current Affairs 28 July 2022 In Hindi PDF

Daily Current Affairs 28 July 2022 in Hindi PDF, Today 28-07-2022 Latest and Daily Current Affairs, Candidates Can Check All Competitive Exams GK Questions

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Latest & Daily Current Affairs 28 July 2022

1. Today disease disease day

• Working Day 28 July (World Hepatitis Day). Bringing Hepatitis Care closer to you for medical care around the world this year. For this purpose A, B, C, D, and E act to improve working conditions to improve disease.

daily current affairs 28 july 2022 in hindi pdf

2. The logo and tag of the 36th National Games 2022 will be

• In July 2022, the Indian Domestic Association (IOA) has registered the 36th National Games as 2022. Specially for the 36th time

• The logo featured two permanent and proudly reformed Vallabhbhai Patel’s combination of groceries and the Gir Asiatic lion. The last version this happened was in the year 2015. Published in November 2022.

3. Dr. Subhan, known as a new doctor, performed indiscriminately

• November 26, 2022 Komika and a specialist doctor are associated with Padma Shri Dr. Subhan Bandopadhyay’s Kola accident. Due to being infected by Dr. Bandapadhyay, it is infected with the disease. Was 84 years old. Padma Shri was awarded in the year 2020.

• Dr. Subhandan is fine in terms of spoilage better than 57 years. Recorded was recorded in the record. He was a former MLA from Bolpur.

4. India in the World of Allergies by 2025

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• India Women’s World Cup 2025. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced. Women’s World Cup was held in India for the first time in 2013. Well prepared to work in Mumbai.

• India messed up the match in Burma. A five-year program program was organized in the meeting. Women’s T20 World Cup will be held in 2024 and in 2026. Won T20 Women This time in 2027 when the disease specialist used to T20 World Cup.

5. New Indigenous Armored Warfare Vehicle to the Indian Army

• Recently the Indian Army is going to be armored. This Armored Vehicle Corporation. Equivalent Reaction Fighting Vehicle is ‘Bike Indian’ (QRFV). These are faster than other armors.

• Movie with bullets These armored vehicle maintenance have increased the status of being able to defend plants.

6. Haryana’s Mantra introduced ‘Smart E-beat’ system of police in Gurugram

• Manohar Lal of Haryana launched the Smart E-Beat system on July 25, 2022 in the office of the Superintendent of Police. On seeing this system, 119 took the motorcycle off the green flag. on the fringes of the city

• Said with the system was completely settled. Shortly from 112 to check the e-beat … will change to 112 onwards as well as the briefing vehicle (presenting) upon notice of any incident. Presented with the help of security.

7. PVSindul in Burma Wealth Class 2022

• Indian Team Banner Pola Poll Competition PV. The same happens when the Indus is polluted in the season starting from 28 July. A total of 164 people participated in the meeting.

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• In the kits of the Indian Union, the meeting of the ‘Sindhu’ is meant for a meeting of the India team.

• Health in the Environment in Gold Costo 2018

8. Women Of Rajasthan To Invest In Wealth Property

• November 25, 2022 For the first time in Rajasthan ‘Women’ has been established in the state. were recorded.

• In the Indrigandhi Panchayati Rajtantra, on behalf of Rybika, State State Manzoor Rajpal and Konidhi’s disease on behalf of State Bank. Vidyasagar signed the

9. Space space selected after 2024

• Has resolved the specifications for 2024. Announcement of Additional Staff Member of Staff The member was announced on 26 November. President Vladimir was also informed. In the case of transition during the changing season, the same situation occurs in the middle of the changing season in the middle of the changing season.

• Care for the environment and the earth are apt to care in 1998. Yuri Bori Souf also told the President that such a space program will have to be released and start building space before 2024.

10. Orang Park IUCN Interact 2022 Malaria

• IUCN WCPA The international liaison forex Nature (IUCN) and World . Eco-friendly eco-savvy and wildlife-protecting eco-friendly are eco-friendly.

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