मंगल ग्रह से रॉक सैंपलों को पृथ्‍वी पर लाने के लिए Nasa लॉन्‍च करेगी 2 हेलीकॉप्‍टर, 2033 में लौटेंगे

The US space agency NASA is exploring Mars. NASA has sent its missions there, with the help of which rock samples are being collected from the planet. On Wednesday, NASA said that it plans to bring 30 rock samples from Mars to Earth in 2033 and is sending two small helicopters to help with this mission. Significantly, the work of collecting samples from Mars is being done by NASA’s Perseverance rover. It landed on the planet in February last year and has collected 11 samples so far. A big challenge before NASA is to bring these samples to Earth, so that a detailed study can be done about them.

According to a news agency report, earlier NASA was preparing to send another rover to Mars, which could take its samples from the Perseverance rover and bring them to its robotic lander, called the Mars Ascent Vehicle. goes. However, now the planning has been changed and Perseverance will do most of the work.

But NASA always has other plans ready. It has a backup plan in case there is a problem with Perseverance. Under this, the lander to be launched from Earth in the year 2028, which will land on Mars by the middle of 2030, will also take two mini helicopters with it.

The Perseverance rover also brought a helicopter with it. This helicopter named Ingenuity has surprised the whole world with its performance. It has so far made 29 flights to Mars. According to the information, the helicopters that will be sent with the lander to be launched in 2028 will be a bit heavy. They would also be able to walk on the ground, as they would have wheels. These helicopters will also have small arms so that they can recover the samples. According to the information, the orbiter which will return to Earth with these samples is expected to land in the Utah desert in the year 2033.

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