लॉकडाउन में केरल के शख्स ने बना डाला हवाई जहाज, परिवार के साथ यूरोप का चक्कर भी लगाया, देखें फोटो

The world has been imprisoned by Kovid-19 (Covid-19 pandemic). , That way, some can hear the situation as one, split into the same type of aircraft. ,

TOI’s as, they will be fine only after the construction of Thumarov has started, when this air will be used. To end the influence of Ashoka’s Alappuzha. Ship number 18 “Sling TSI” is named “G-Diya” in the order of the ship, which is the name of his astral daughter.

Thamarakshan was in full force in 2006 to get his masters degree and is currently for the Forced Corps. Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan belongs to former MLA AV Thamarakshan. Environment pass too. They are traveling in this plane, to Austria and the Czech Republic.

After the implementation, Thamarakshan said, “How will 2018 look at the start.” My wife and daughter are also in my family. ️ Seaters .

people ariauraumaura the kasakaura gone kayraurauraur tayrauraura tayrauraur tayrauraura first month months ago first first first first first first first first first ba First of all start charging the battery. The tech toured the plane of its own. For a post-update task, complete a task for your aircraft. The total cost of making this air is estimated to be 1.8 crores.

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